The Little Sunflower That Could

When I saw the tiny cotyledons poking out of the cement, I knew it was a sunflower. However, I never thought it had a chance… It was growing right in the main thoroughfare to the front door of my home. This is where the UPS, FedEx, USPS person, all unwanted solicitors, friends, neighbors, neighborhood dogs, and we come through. Really, I would have taken a few baby pictures had I thought it would survive to flowering.

This is what it looked like right before we had our party. I was somewhat embarrassed that I had a plant growing within my walkway. However, I was pulling for the little guy.. who wasn’t so little anymore!

Ironically, many folks thought it was faux. Really? Why would I put a sunflower in the middle of my walk?


The crack is only about 1/4″ inch or .635 centimeters. It is slightly heaving the cement on the left side. That’s actually helping get rid of the puddle that used to form here. Awesome!


I seem to have gone through a wardrobe change.

I can’t believe how large the stalk could get coming through such a small opening.




Pop!! Here is what sunflowers do best. No other flowers surpass these giants.

For life to have happened in such adverse conditions is downright difficult to believe. This little survivor should teach us that life is amazing, must be enjoyed and should not ever be taken for granted!

© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

15 thoughts on “The Little Sunflower That Could

  1. I have worked out that a flower like that to have survived must be because the dumb thing wanted to hang around for another day to see what colour nails were going to scratch its tummy this time.


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