Summer Blooming Flowers 8-27-2014

Terrific Tuesday to you’s!

Click HERE to see what was blooming last year!!


Lactuca serriola – Prickly lettuce


Many hydrangeas ready to find a home… Won’t you please save the hydrangea!!


Many more to choose from!


Anethum graveolens – Dill

This is VERY close up.


Campsis radicans – Trumpet flower


Here it is climbing up my cherry tree. This reminded me of a clapping game we would play. I don’t remember the point of it, however it was like ‘patty-cake’.

See, see my playmate,

come out and play with me.

and bring your dolly’s three,

Climb up my cherry tree.

Slide down my rain barrel,

unto my cellar door.

And we’ll be jolly friends forever more.

I don’t see this one online anywhere, however we had another version…

See, see my enemy,

Come out and fight with me.

and bring your vampire three,

Climb up my poison tree.

Slide down my razor blade,

unto my dungeon door.

And we’ll be enemies forever more!


Prunus sereta – Black cherry


Moooon – I think this was the auto setting.


And this was the night setting… Hmm. maybe it’s the other way around?

© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

16 thoughts on “Summer Blooming Flowers 8-27-2014

  1. Einen schönen Mittwoch wünsche ich schöne Bilder und eine schöne Landschaft der Mont ist doch sehr schön geworden hier bei uns sind immer so viele Wolken.Liebe Grüße noch von mir Gislinde


  2. I have a hydrangea in my garden, must be well over 30 years old. It never seems to get any bigger, but does have beautiful blue flowers. Loved the children’s rhymes 🙂 I wonder if any kids today have these playground games, of chanting and dancing/skipping? And prickly lettuce! Sounds interesting! 🙂


  3. Wow, great stuff today! That’s quite the trumpetflower vine—I’ve planted one on the little holly that I gave quite the crewcut to a couple of years ago so it would stay small and serve as a post for just such a climber. The vine’s taking its sweet time to really get underway, so I hope my hummingbirds will have something as grand as your trumpets to sip on someday, at least.

    I hadn’t thought about that rhyme in ages! We had that, too, but with very slight differences (i.e., ours was an apple tree), but I have to say that your wilder variation is much more entertaining and spectacular! 😀 I’ll have to send that one to my sisters, I think. 😉



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