On the Topic of Meteorology…


Doppler radar

I’m not sure if I had mentioned it before, but I love school!

My 17 year old self would have slapped my 345 year old self now for saying that!

Who knew after being a high school dropout, I’d turn into a 3.9 GPA, school loving freak?

Last year, when I took Urban Forestry Management, I thought I was going to learn something, sadly, I did not. The class was so basic that after having to self-study for the arborist license test, the class was basically a review. Huge suck for me, as I do like to go and LEARN something!! Thank goodness that class was on the bosses dime as it covers my CEU’s or ‘continuing education units’ and keeps my license in good standing. I would have been pissed had I paid for nothing.

This winter semester I didn’t really feel like going to school, ie, this is what on-line classes are for! But, what to take?!? There is less variety of classes. Nothing on-line in horticulture, botany or geology that I hadn’t already taken. Hmmm. Creative Writing II? HTML I? Logic? How about Meteorology? That sounds cool. Done.

I am now enrolled in Meteorology. I will surely learn something in this class… How to be wrong 86% of the time and still keep my job!?!

No, what I am really saying is that I think I’ve got a ball-buster professor. He started posting information one week before class started. Um, Really? His syllabus is 7 pages long! Yikes! Longest I’ve seen was 4. OK, luckily I’m not the average student.

So, what I’m really trying to say is that I may not be as chatty in the comments as I’d like to be. =-( You’all get me worked up in the reader with stuff I’d love to comment on, however I need to be a studyin’ if I’m going to earn that A.

All will be normal (normal? me? huh.) in December when the semester ends.

I will be posting some of the fun discussion type things I must post 3X weekly from my class.

If you all see any great weather patterns, please take a photo and post it! I’d love to bring the pix to show and tell!

Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

24 thoughts on “On the Topic of Meteorology…

  1. I think it’s great you learn new things. But I shall miss your funny comments! Time lapse clouds sounds like fun πŸ™‚ We get some nice cloud formations here, but I guess mostly blue skies from now on – as summer is on its way! – No snow πŸ˜‰


  2. We’ll practice our forecasting by looking out the window and you can test your theoretical version – wonder who’ll be right most of the time? πŸ˜€ Seriously though, hope the class goes well and expect a report at the end with an A*!


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