Tough Dilemmas In Dogs Life III



I’m all done. Where’s the next one?

Dilemmas in the past 1 and 2

Dogs don’t understand the internet, however if it slows down, there will be way less time for walks, frisbee throwing, treat giving, belly rubbing and the like!!

Don’ let big business screw around with us. Let’s fire up this on-line mob mentality! Today is the deadline for the FCC to make it’s decision. Go to this website for more information on how to fight and even add this banner to your site!!

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22 thoughts on “Tough Dilemmas In Dogs Life III

    • That sux. I’m lucky enough to be close to a large city (Chicago) and the internet companies have this place pretty well wired. Although, when I eventually get out into the country, like I want to be, I may need a 10 foot wide satellite to get service!


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