Karma Check – All is Working

My husband inadvertently got on a Men’s Magazine mailing list without a subscription. The only thing that gets utilized from it is the perfume samples for free air fresheners.

I did have a chow-chow dog a while ago that would pull out my magazines and find these pages and rub all over them.

Having this past memory, I decided it was a fun idea to rub one on my Oreo. He wasn’t that pleased, however Mommy was! He smelled so manly!


After teasing my dog, I went outside to cut down my ripe sunflowers for winter seed. I started lining them up as the dogs played. However, while enjoying watching the boys run around, I noticed the color change on Oreo’s neck. “Here Oreo!!” Yup. He did it again.


The little bastard rolled in poop!

AND that’s how Karma works!

© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

11 thoughts on “Karma Check – All is Working

    • Fall is the worst time. The piles are everywhere! I’m sure all the furries are getting ready for winter and digging up grubs and finding seeds. I just find it funny animals pick my yard with dog smell in it.
      I’m ready. Just bought a new jug of dog shampoo. .. yeah.


    • Ha! I do wonder what my dogs think when I talk to them. Breck turns his head and it actually looks like he understands and sometimes he truly does! Oreo. .. Well, we can smell the smoke of the wheel being turned by the hamster. He tends to look to the side of you, not wanting to make eye contact. However, he’s learned odd phrases, as we watch what he does naturally and them equate words to it. He can ‘find his brother’, ‘back off’, ‘go to your post’ and ‘go poop’. Maybe that’s it? Go ROLL in poop is what he hears!


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