Camerone Settings

I’ve only just begun to understand the settings on my camerone or camera phone. I’ve never been too concerned with the quality of my photographs. As long as everyone has their eyes open, no extra neck rolls or heads cut off, it was a ‘take-print‘ in my opinion!

Now that I’ve been trying to amass a collection of plant photos, I’m more concerned with getting it right. I also need to practice, as speed is sometimes necessary when you’re pulled over on the side of the road, dragging a reluctant husband for a walk or sneaking onto someone’s property!

lacy tomatillo

NO effect

I thought this tomatillo (Physalis philadelphica) that had a beautiful lace cover was a great subject to practice some of the effect settings. These were the easiest to play with. My next lesson will deal with the stuff that requires a bit more brain power.. Like F stops and speeds… What? Brain power on E!

lacy tomatillo









Faded Color

tomatillo art


tinted tomatillo


cartoon Tomatillo


moody tomatillo


tasty tomatillo


oil pastel tomatillo

Oil Pastel

fisheye tomatillo


© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

19 thoughts on “Camerone Settings

    • I’m surprised at technology these days. I was young when our family got a computer, 1977.
      And now we have these hand held devices that take photos with effects and connects us to the world!
      I think the vintage is my fav. But, that is today’s answer. Ask me tomorrow, I may have a different answer! 😉

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  1. Tomatillos are wonderful to eat, in salsa, and as photo subject! I took some shots of last year’s tomatillo husks. I held them to the sky and it looked like a lace carriage 🙂

    Happy to have found your blog.



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