Dog in the Storage Shelf

Happy Native American Day!!
Mr. Christopher Columbus was a very bad man. Read about his true story and how he treated the people around him.

We had some nasty, autumn storms come through last weekend. I’ll be cutting down (storing) the magical, miracle sunflower soon so I can bring it out this winter for the furries and featheries to snack upon it.




Where does my Breck go for safety? Our storage shelves work for him!!


© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

12 thoughts on “Dog in the Storage Shelf

  1. It really is something – that sunflower growing in the path 🙂 And it took me a while to Find Breck! Pretty well hidden, little thing – but it doesn’t look too comfy! I suppose any port in a storm? 🙂


    • He’d be great at hide n seek. He’ll stay quietly there until you make eye contact. We’ve had to teach the other one, “where’s your brother?” To find him!
      Yeah. Pretty upsetting about Mr. Columbus. Everyone needs to remember that the victor writes the history and can make themselves look reeeeally good when they ain’t!

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  2. I love a good thunderstorm, but I’d happily comfort a fearful border collie with massive hugs in the farthest corner of the house, too. Wacky weather all through the middle of the country lately, ain’t it! Glad you and yours remain safe.


    • Luckily, it’s just rain for us humans, nothing out of ordinary. However, it might as well be a tornado to Breck! At least he’d be safe. Maybe I could market him as the Tornado Dog, like Smokey the Bear. . “Follow this dog when tornados are near!” Haha!


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