Drawing Sunflowers

I had a great idea last spring to try to better my drawing skills. Or perhaps, to find any form of drawing skill !! I am really good at drawing the extremely, symmetrical 2D shapes that are necessary in drawing landscape plans, however, throw in that last dimension and I’m lost. I figured I wanted to try drawing from a photo first, as it is already in 2D. Not sure if that helped or hurt, but these are my first few attempts.


These were actually water-color pencils. I’ve never worked with them before. I felt like a little kid again, as I remember that newspapers sometimes used to include paint-by-numbers with ‘paint’ included on the paper. Just use a wet brush on the paint which activated it and you were able to paint your picture. These pencils work in the same manner, as you use a wet brush on them after you’ve drawn. I think it makes the drawing look smoother & I can hide all my gorilla strokes with the pencil.


Messin’ with camera setting….


Here’s the funny part… My husband is a double art major that attended college at an art institute… I don’t know if I really want to ask for advice. Has anyone had success in having their spouse teach them something without anyone loosing any limbs? =-D

© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

16 thoughts on “Drawing Sunflowers

    • 😂 I can relate on the experience of being taught by a hubby…
      I remember when he was teaching me how to use a impact wrench and a broke a bolt off. I’m kind of a gorilla in general. Don’t know my own strength. . Oh boy, I thought I had severed a leg for all the hooting & hollerin’ that was going on!

      Oh, I love stencils also. Technically I use many for work. But I also have done wall art with them.


    • Yes, it is just easier to nag them to do something than it is for them to teach you how to do it so you don’t have to nag them. ..Wait. Then it becomes your chore when you know how to do it. .. Yup. I’d rather nag! 😉


      • When Mary was exploring watercolors she’d ask for advice or critique from me. This is akin to asking if she looked fat, which she isn’t, but no right answer from me. If I liked it she felt I wasn’t serious. If I critiqued it, I risked being too critical and not encouraging. She really wanted the critique because she want to improve and I had to learn to not be condensending in giving it to her. You should continue in your art and don’t be intimidated by you’re husband’s ability. He is an asset for you. Your art will not be the same as his. It’s like apples and oranges so you are really not competing. You need to thicken your skin a bit and he needs to deliver critique in an encouraging manner. Mary has gone on to do wonderful things. She has even won an award for a children’s book she illustrated. So I say if this is something you enjoy and want then do it and don’t live in regret. There will be people that will compare you to him, but that is simply an annoyance. You two should talk about the ground rules of asking for and recieving criticism, that can be helpful. I finally had a bit of time to give you a proper response. Now I’m look forward to seeing more of you art. 🙂


  1. Fabulous! You’re light-years ahead of lots of people when they start to move from diagrammatic to pictorial. CHEERS to you!!! Your ability to note detail when identifying and caring for plants makes them a perfect subject for you as you develop confidence and competence, since you will pay particular attention to those things that are characteristic of any given plant and so, right off, you’re getting recognizable shapes, colors, textures, proportions, and such. That produces, instead of a generic symbol for a plant or flower, an engaging portrait of a real one. As you get more comfortable drawing flowers, you’ll find you swiftly “graduate” to other topics simply by applying the same observations and techniques to them as well.

    So. Cool. I applaud you, not only for the adventuresome spirit and effort, but for a terrific drawing as a keepsake of the process.

    Yay you!


    • Thank you so much Kathryn! It means a lot from such a great artist as yourself! I’m hoping to get more practice in this winter. I’m going to pick some favorites and give it a whirl 😉
      I do know where some of my weaknesses are, like perspective. Sometimes I need help on my angles, my hubby can usually draw a few lines for me and I understand then. I do draw/sketch at work.. Maybe I’ll share some of that in future posts..
      Thank you again for your inspiration and encouragement! 🌼🌺🌹


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