Gremlin Bell For Safe Travel


Saint Christopher for my hubby’s car! He’s the saint for travelers.

Have you noticed that some motorists have a small bell hanging in their car?  Have you wondered what the purpose was? That little bell is more than just a decoration, it serves a very important purpose – it wards off gremlins, also known as evil road spirits.

You see, there are motor vehicle gremlins that LOVE speed, however they are also mischievous little devils and they cause all sorts of problems for you while you are driving.  Some say they are responsible for that old lady in the minivan cutting you off in traffic… Or, you may be having trouble shifting smoothly, your battery goes dead, your turn signal suddenly refuses to work, an oil spill appears out of nowhere, or you hit a patch of black ice – you get the idea.  Those little gremlins look for trouble and try to steer your vehicle towards it.

Do not fear for your hooptie – Place a bell somewhere it can freely ring, as it wards off these attacks from the little gremlins.  If you already have some gremlins riding with you, they become trapped in the hollow of the bell and the constant ringing drives them insane – causing them to lose their grip and fall to the roadway. And that is also where potholes come from!

If you buy a gremlin bell of your own, the power works.  If you receive the gremlin bell as a gift – the powerful magic of the bell is doubled.

** The original Gremlin Bell’s are for motorcycles, however I think a gremlin is a gremlin!

16 thoughts on “Gremlin Bell For Safe Travel

  1. At last! Someone with an answer to my problem of being distracted by attractive women and running into the guy in front at traffic lights. Where were you when I needed you little gremlin bell?


  2. St. Christophers used to be very popular in Britain but I never see them in HK – lots of other trinkets to keep the drivers safe though. Personally I always find a pair of spectacles useful for warding off gremlins. They help me see the idjits earlier. Peripheral vision is unknown in HK – must be a gremlin thing.


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