Happy Halloween!!

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!!

2012-06-23 13.26.23

Devil & Angel Dogs

I used to be pretty crazy when I dressed up for Halloween. I loved playing dress-up! I even got a local T.V. station to air my cohorts and I (as the Three Blind Mice) saying, “Good Day Tampa Bay!” It was about 6 seconds of my allotted 15 seconds of fame.


Three Blind Mice

Halloween now is completely different from when I grew-up. When I was a small child, we would get many homemade treats like caramel apples, popcorn balls, brownies, and rice crispy treats. We ran from house to house, filling our pillowcases with enough sugar to off 100 diabetics.

Then there was the one asshole that put a razor blade in an apple. Boom, no more homemade treats, everything must be store-bought, prepackaged candy. That was OK by us kids, surely dentists were happy! We weren’t allowed to snack until Mom & Dad looked at all of our candy and pulled out their favorites.. The price of being a child… Harrumph!

Then there was the sicko that lured a small boy into his house. Boom, no more trick or treating without an adult. Those old folks can’t keep-up to make one night of treating worth going. That’s when all the parties started. Many park districts, libraries, and churches started having gatherings where candy and activities were in abundance. I was getting a bit too old to trick or treat at this point.

Then… There was the innocent peanut, store-bought, prepackaged candy bar at the church party that caused a child to go into anaphylactic shock. Boom, no more candy OF ANY KIND, as many children are allergic to peanuts, dairy, soy, chocolate, malt, eggs, gluten… the list goes on. Now, small toys are exchanged.

Then we switch over to the adult world of Halloween. Costumes used to be clever, well-thought-out and home-made. Now it seems the only thing on girls minds is how slutty they can pull off hot cop, hot pirate, hot nurse or hot construction worker. Even the most modest girl can’t help herself as it’s the one night they have an excuse to dress like a whore.

I wonder how long we’ll continue to celebrate this Celtic origin celebration. I loved the fun of it all, however now it just seems like just another day.

I can’t leave this post on a sour note, so here are some poor, tortured dogs to laugh at!

11 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!

  1. Oh my goodness! Those poor poor dogs! – But I larff πŸ˜€
    Fun to read about your trick-or-treating adventures. Never had that as a kid in UK, and it only started here in SA half-heartedly a few decades ago. Like you say, not really safe for kids to roam the streets at night any more.
    Happy Halloween πŸ™‚


  2. Yes, that is the evolution of Halloween. I have two grandchildren and one has Type 1 Diabetes and the other has peanut/nut allergies (does anyone working with our food supply ever wonder why our children today are afflicted with all of these diseases that we didn’t have to deal with?). Halloween means the gift of cash here, and one went to a party with a parent in tow. We don’t get any trick or treaters – they only go to the large neighborhoods. Hate to sound negative but this holiday is just not safe anymore on any front and needs to just either go away or be revamped to just involve the costumes.


    • Sadly, for as much as I used to enjoy it, I’m over it huge now. I have no children and just like you, don’t get kids at my door.
      IMO, the allergies and diabetes are a sign of the times. Every vaccine is basically a small dose of the offending issue. If folks were exposed to the ‘offending problem’ while still in the womb or as a small child, a person may build up a tolerance. I don’t think kids get outside and play as often as they should. I was thrown out of the house at 9am & told not to return until dinner time. No TV, video games (what were those?!?) or any indoor games unless it was raining. Now the TV is a babysitter.
      My friend has gotten his allergies under control by eating local honey daily. I guess the premise is that if he consumes the pollen internally, he will build a tolerance to it and not have a reaction to it.
      As for diabetes, which I’m very familiar with (my dad has it) and have had 2 friends die young from (47 & 52), I again feel that many things are jam packed with sugar that you’d never think of. McD’s hamburgers are chocked full of sugar!
      I am also somewhat of a conspiracy theory person and I feel that candy companies push this whole holiday far beyond what it was ever meant to be. Oh well… Now I can move on to how bad I think the retailers are about pushing Christmas down our throats. HaHa!! =-)


  3. Good observations on a rather contrived festival. We see it in small doses here but only really amongst expat kids. As for sugar, it is everywhere. We were like you. Out all day. Bags of fresh air and energy. And I never dressed like a whore, at least in public.


  4. Good idea, all dogs are devils and angels in one :O) I agree with you, it is no longer the same feeling. I hated it when a mom or a dad was with us. The whole fun we had with doing silly things went to the dogs… literally.


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