Squirrel at My Window

This is my little boy I call ‘Red‘.
He’s not a red squirrel, however he does have a reddish tint. He has no fear of me and regularly stops at my window for his fill of sunflower seeds. Red and the other squirrels actually do leave my feeders alone, not sure if it’s because I offer them other, easily attained food or the fishing line I used to hold the feeders up is too small for them to climb on. Or maybe they haven’t gotten their obstacle course training yet!!


“Hello, Ilex! I’m here to eat the sunflower seeds you left me!”



Nom, nom, nom…


Red is a young squirrel, I’ve not seen him before this year. There used to be a few older squirrels that would stop by, however I think the ‘nature cycle’ has taken them to a better place, as I don’t see them anymore.


17 thoughts on “Squirrel at My Window

  1. Squirrels are so cute and inquisitive creatures πŸ˜‰ Its winter time and they are playing around in large numbers around here..It is such an uplifting feeling πŸ™‚


  2. That’s too cute! I love that he doesn’t run away, and think it’s even better that they don’t raid your feeders. πŸ˜‰ I’ve been enjoying watching them fatten up this year, oh and mine around here are doing it well. They seem to appreciate when I throw bananas out for them that I forgot about and let get too brown. One girls rotten banana is a squirrel’s tasty treat. πŸ˜€ I look forward to seeing more of your squirrel episodes.


    • I’d assume they will stick around, since I have sunflower seeds (etc) for them.
      I get up/down from my desk often and I think they finally figured out I’m not going to pounce on them. It’s peaceful to me to watch my birds and animals come visit. Especially while at work!


      • That does sound lovely. I wish all the little birdies knew I meant them no harm. This summer I was watering plants in the yard when a female Ruby-throated Hummingbird came near me trying to get at a Cardinal flower. She was less than 8 inches from my hand! She hovered for a little while as if trying to figure out what to do. I stood statue still with my hose running, I even wondered if maybe she wanted some of the water! Oh how I would have like to get a picture but I was surprised she wasn’t more spooked. I felt quite privileged to have her so close really.

        That reminds me, maybe I’ll review it on my blog, you might like the book “Birdology”.


        • I have read that humming birds are very cool with humans. The first one I’ve had encounters with was very comfortable with me taking close ups of her. I think all animals will get used to you at some point, however is better they be leary as not all humans are nice.


          • When I was younger we went to Jamaica and visited this place where you could feed hummingbirds with those small cocktail bottles (like you get on planes) full of nectar. They came right up to us like it didn’t even matter. But you’re right it’s not usually, most the time perhaps, good for animals to become too accustomed to people. I’ve always heard that about feeding waterfowl, that it’s not good to feed them say at parks, marinas, and outdoor restaurants because the birds will become accustomed to receiving food instead of going out and getting their own. In some cases the birds may stick around instead of migrate even though they aren’t necessarily going to continue to get the same amount of food, if any.


            • Wow! The Hummingbird encounter must have been very cool!
              I agree that all folks don’t have the same intentions when it comes to animals.
              I think the signs are right at times, “Don’t feed the …”. I lived in FL. & restaurants would tell you not to feed the seagulls as they would then get bold and steal it off your plate!
              I try to only feed the native birds by only putting out what they prefer. Squirrels, on the other hand, are equal opportunity dudes! They eat anything.
              I think there is a happy medium here. I’m behind glass. I don’t make sudden moves & I think they have figured out if I was going to eat them, I would have!


              • Yes it was fabulous!

                Seagulls are bold no doubt. They have always been a big reason not to throw out food because they’ll descend very suddenly in large numbers! They will steal at every chance.

                I put food just outside my back door last year to make room in my freezer. The next day the chicken nuggets had been torn open along with the garlic toast, the evidence was everywhere. If anyone thought they were vegetarians, they are very wrong.


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