This is How You Do It To It!!

I’m not a pool player… However, my husband is a regular Mike Massey.

Though I seem to be attracted to pool players, I’ve never been very good at the game. I never learned more than how to hold a stick, which end to hit the ball with and it’s the WHITE ball I should hit with the stick.

My husband doesn’t really enjoy playing with me, as he feels it will hurt my ego to have all my balls on the table as he hits the 8 ball in. Eh, I really, truly don’t care. I get excited when I make one good shot, whether I win or loose.

We have found one game that we can both play somewhat competitively called ‘Bottle Pool’. It’s basically played with only two balls, a cue ball and a (plastic) bottle that is placed in the middle of the table. You gain points by hitting balls (after hitting a rail), having them go in or the most points can be had by knocking over the bottle with one of the regular balls. Oddly, I can do carrum shots pretty well & that is what this game is all about!

So, one night I was feeling frisky and figured we could go to the local watering hole / pool hall and get in a few games. Not many pool halls want you playing bottle pool for obvious reasons, so we chose to stick with 9-ball, as this game has the rule of slop, meaning that if you got a ball in that you didn’t intend on getting in, it still counted and you could shoot again. This bodes well for beginners.

It was the fourth game after a few brutal matches of me just moving balls around the table… However, he let me break this time… His Loss!!

BOOM! 9 Ball in on the break – Game winner!

2012-09-22 20.40.09

I retired from pool that night on a high note!!

14 thoughts on “This is How You Do It To It!!

  1. Yay for lucky shots! This takes me back to when I was in my twenties and used to work at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. After a day selling our wares, some of us craftspeople would retire to a bar called, on its sign, Place Pigalle; we called it Pig Alley. it had the most warped pool table I’ve ever seen (could have been a golf course in miniature!), which was situated in a little room that did not allow the full extension of a pool cue in most directions. Oh, and all the pool cues were warped. Never mind, we had great fun anyway — the idiosyncrasies just added to the humour of it all. It’s impossible to take the game too seriously in conditions like that!


  2. Oh that’s awesome video and story! You go Girl!! 😀 I’m not much of a pool player either – slop is my game 😉 – but it is fun. I bet your husband was feeling pretty stunned, too bad you didn’t bet.


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