Softy Hands

GAAA! I’m melting!


I remember when I was a child and used to coat my hand in Elmer’s glue, let it dry and peel it off my hand. Of course the point was to peel it off in one piece. This was only done out of boredom.

I have now graduated to using paraffin wax to soften my paws, not to make skin sculptures. Since this last week I’ve been making winter pots and I hate wearing gloves when I work, so my hands are beat to sh*t. I will need to do this nightly for a week to recover from the abuse!


This is great to do in the winter. It’s warm and really softens dry, cracked hands. As it solidifies, it’s fun to squish it between the fingers.


Ahhhh, mushy!


Copyright – Ilex Farrell

15 thoughts on “Softy Hands

  1. I love the paraffin! I do it at the salon during the winter. I burned my hand badly last week (note to self: pots that just came out of the oven are going to be hot…), so I wonder if it would help move along the healing process with that. I’m sure the Internet will provide an answer.


  2. I might happily use this on Richard’s hands, since he gets peeling and cracked skin there occasionally and hates using lotion on his hands. But I need to figure out some alternative way with his feet (which are worse) that is cooling rather than warm/hot, because the foot problem is caused by the heat of inflammationโ€”can’t be making that part worse and hope to make the symptoms better. Sigh. I, on the other hand/foot, would probably enjoy the soothing sensation just-because, even though my skin is pretty well behaved. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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