Lunch With Lady Downy Woodpecker

I was waiting in my car for an appointment and this little lady was right outside my window. This is a female Picoides pubescens or Downy Woodpecker. They are the smallest woodpecker in the U.S. The male looks very similar, except he has a splash of bright red on the crown of his head.

Many people wonder when a woodpecker pecks at their house if they have bugs. If the bird is making an even ‘jack-hammer’ type racket, this is a call, just like a song from a songbird…. but in a heavy metal kinda way!

The video is what a typical woodpecker sounds like while dining.


Any layman can improve their winter tree ID skills by remembering the woodpecker removed bark of an ash tree.

Β©Ilex Farrell

15 thoughts on “Lunch With Lady Downy Woodpecker

  1. Good to know about the woodpeckers on the house! I had one a couple springs ago who was into pecking the house. He disappeared after a couple days and I didn’t think anything more of it until this post. Now I know that I wasn’t insect infected (though at this point, I hope I would have discovered an insect infestation)!


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