Lunch With Lady Downy Woodpecker

I was waiting in my car for an appointment and this little lady was right outside my window. This is a female Picoides pubescens or Downy Woodpecker. They are the smallest woodpecker in the U.S. The male looks very similar, except he has a splash of bright red on the crown of his head.

Many people wonder when a woodpecker pecks at their house if they have bugs. If the bird is making an even ‘jack-hammer’ type racket, this is a call, just like a song from a songbird…. but in a heavy metal kinda way!

The video is what a typical woodpecker sounds like while dining.


Any layman can improve their winter tree ID skills by remembering the woodpecker removed bark of an ash tree.

ยฉIlex Farrell

15 thoughts on “Lunch With Lady Downy Woodpecker

  1. Good to know about the woodpeckers on the house! I had one a couple springs ago who was into pecking the house. He disappeared after a couple days and I didn’t think anything more of it until this post. Now I know that I wasn’t insect infected (though at this point, I hope I would have discovered an insect infestation)!


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