Phriday Photo Phavorites

Winter is upon me and my post materials are starting to dry-up a bit. =-( I’ve got my ‘brain hamster’ running on high to think of something interesting to post for my loyal followers… I haven’t done any RaNDoM PhOtO PoStS the whole season! I think I will take the opportunity to search my media folder and share some of my phavorite photos phrom the past!!

Butterfly magnolia – I’m so getting one next spring.

Here’s my Calamondin (miniature orange). I think I was trying to mimick an eclipse….

We built this while camping at Illinois State Beach Park. This was inspired by other rock stacking artists with much more talent and time on their hands!!

Bleeding Hearts are in my top ten fav perennials. This shot was almost my home page photo, however it wasn’t fitting in there just right.

This gardenia is probably the best, quality photo I’ve ever taken, IMO. I’ll say that even to this day. It is so perfect on it’s own and I just got lucky to capture it.

These Douglas Fir cones are so unique. The Indian legend about this tree is equally interesting.

Aaaaand here is my avatar, full view. Again, this blanket flower is in my top 10 fav flowers.

Bernies fountain
My husband made this fountain for a friend of ours. I love the reuse of the copper pots in this piece.

I awoke one morning and this is what my cantaloupe plant looked like. I’ve not seen it do this since.

Not sure exactly what the fascination was with this one. . I think it is because of where this is located. This is in a forest preserve near my home. I walk here often and see this during my hike. I think it is just the familiarity of the area that draws my attention. Sadly, there is purple loosestrife in the photo, which is a very invasive plant here

45 thoughts on “Phriday Photo Phavorites

  1. This is my third time of late trying to visit your blog and catch up on posts I missed. The “like” button wouldn’t load at the end on most posts (my problem). Here’s hoping Sunday is quiet enough I can catch up a bit!
    I must say I really do like the Gardenia photo. It is so perfect. And i also love the smell. They make more toiletries with this scent nowadays too. Also nice to see the full Ilex avatar 🙂


      • You’re absolutely right – the snow effect Does slow down the blogs a lot! But I like to see it – and it isn’t for ever. 🙂 School holidays are upon us already here, so I hope people will go away, and my internet speed should increase! 🙂


            • Actually, I don’t think the problem is with YOU having snow on your blog, it’s the folks you follow (like me) who have snow on their blogs. It takes a lot of “computer power” to have the snow falling and takes time away from photos, comments, etc. from downloading on your computer.
              Your kiddies must have a longer school year than ours. Ours get 2 weeks now, a week for Easter and 3 months for summer break. Maybe that’s why the U.S. is getting dumberer every year…. =P

              Liked by 1 person

              • The UK also seems to have Much longer school hols than when I was a kid. Here in SA they get about 6 weeks for summer, one week for Easter, one week in Sept, and I think two/three weeks in July. It is 2 (or 4) terms, not 3.


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  3. So nice! I really like the miniature orange pic, you captured a cool effect with the light there. Nicely done.

    The Gardenias among my favorites in this list as well. that’s such a beautiful flower and I agree you captured it well. As you did with the cantaloupe plant, intriguing to say the least. 😀

    Personally there are plenty of pics I’ve taken that resonate with me but might not be so clear to everyone else. Then there are those pics that I say okay, why did I take this? 😉 Thanks for sharing all of this with us.

    Happy New Year!!!!!


    • I how you had the best new year!
      Thanks for all of the wonderful comments you have left me. I really appreciate it!
      I think the ones I don’t remember taking do usually have something weird going on. . Like I needed to zoom in more or something. I’ve found some wacky things in my photo galley!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you & your welcome! I thank you as well for your comments and regular visits to my site, I know you understand how nice that is.

        I have been there time and time again and I certainly have my fair share that furrow my brow. I hate it when what you experience is something you want to share but it feels like no picture you take does it justice. It’s those times that I look forward to learning more about post-production, using my camera “better”, and just being better able to express myself.

        Funny part is, most the time you can’t delete those pictures can you? They still mean something. 😉


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