The Plumber Saves the Day

Do you know who saves more lives than doctors?Plumber-Protects

The plumber has one of the most important jobs in our society and is someone we couldn’t do without. At some point in our lives we will all have to call on the help of a plumber. Their skills are varied and vital in the running of our homes and businesses. There has been a stigma attached to being a plumber lately and many people now see the plumber as the new lawyer or doctor, in terms of their salary and general importance in society. However, what makes a good plumber hasn’t changed over the years. It’s not in the desire to be rich* but the desire to use their hands to do their job well.

Professor Kotlikoff, president of Economic Security Planning Incorporated states, “Yes, doctors have a bigger salary.  But, doctors have to endure nearly a decade of expensive education before making any real salary, after which the doctor is hit by a very high progressive tax rate.  Because of all the costs the doctor incurs, the taxes and the lost wages, plumbers make more, and have almost the same spending power over their lifetime as general practitioners.”

Here’s my hubby, workin’ for a livin’!



  • Believe me, if he was making that much money, I’d be a “stay-at-home-dog-mom!!”

12 thoughts on “The Plumber Saves the Day

  1. My goodness! I wasn’t expecting to see a man down that tiny hole! But Plumbers are vital! Especially when you realise “water is life!” Pity you can’t be a “stay at home Plant-and-Dog Mum” 🙂


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