Phriday Photo Phavorites – Part Two

Last Friday, I decided to start sharing favorite photos.
I hope to share some oldies with my longest friends and share some old stories with my new friends. Enjoy!

Doors. Why do they fascinate me so? I can’t handle not knowing what’s on the other side.. My mind goes wild with the possibilities! This one was at a Wollersheim Winery.

I still haven’t IDed this one, however I just love the symmetry of it.

This is leaf borers in columbine leaves. These work in the same manner as bark borers, however not even close as destructive.

When I first saw these guys, I thought they were hummingbirds, I’m sure you’ll agree there are similarities! I shot video and figured out later these are Humming Bird Moths (Hemaris thysbe). They are sucking on Jewelweed, a cure for poison Ivy! Crush leaves and rub on rash.

This is a Circumhorizontal Arc or Rainbow Halo. They are supposed to be common here in the Midwest, however this is the first time I’ve seen one.

Scabiosa. This was my beginning steps of learning macro photography. Macro meaning Reeeeeeallly close-up!

This is the Kishwaukee River that runs through a favorite, nearby campground.

Oreo sporting a tiara. Shhh, don’t tell him I posted this!!

This view is from the Mafolie Hotel in Saint Thomas Virgin Islands… See the cruise ships in the distance? We eloped here!

This was a shot from our room.

This is my Brothers dog Raven. Such a cute mug!!

34 thoughts on “Phriday Photo Phavorites – Part Two

  1. They indeed sound and move like a bird ! A rare find that video is 🙂 The borers are so creepy, especially the other detailed post,I got goosebumps ! Loved the photos 😀


  2. What splendid photos 🙂 Thanks for posting. And Little Monkey is still laughing at Oreo in a Tiara – he isn’t even a Girl! 🙂
    As to doors – there you have it – you can’t “Handle” not knowing what’s on the other side 🙂


  3. Thanks for sharing. The doors are really cool! But that’s just because I am enamored by old things, solid things, and anything not made of plastic! But my favorite is the hummingbird moth! That is cool, I’ll have to watch for them this summer.


    • Haha! You sound like an ‘urban engineer’… Takes one to know one! 😉
      That door is over 150 years old. The red light just pulled me in like a moth.
      Speaking of moths. . I think they emerge a bit later in summer, like August. I’ve never seem them before, I’m on the hunt for them now, they are very unique to me!


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  5. Great spread here! That moth is bizarre! I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if one flew up on me but they certainly do resemble a hummingbird. Thanks for sharing this video.

    I believe I’ve been around for the rainbow, it’s truly fascinating. Can’t say I’ve ever seen one in the Midwest either!

    Oreo is too cute, I love how his legs are crossed in front there too. He might forgive you for posting once he knows he’s got new fans. Oh and Raven definitely has a cute mug. What is she? Mastiff? Mastiff mix, or Sharpei maybe?

    That looks like the way to go to elope! Gorgeous gorgeous view. Great capture.

    I’m digging your Phriday Phavorites!!


    • Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying.
      That moth flipped me out when I first saw it. No fear to be around me either.
      Raven is a mastiff, great call. She’s a drooling sweetheart 😜
      I would elope again anyday.. let’s hope I don’t have to! Haha!
      I think there are 4 more phriday installments. . Stay turned!

      Liked by 1 person

      • 😀

        Its lack of fear probably made it all the more scary! Then it’s all wonder once you realize it doesn’t care about you right?

        Ha ha, I’m the winner! 😉 She looks like a sweetie, and I don’t doubt that she drools.

        Well I hope you won’t have to elope again either; you’ll just have to go back and celebrate your anniversaries there!

        Well I’m staying tuned!


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