Phriday Photo Phavorites – Part Three

I’m back with the Phriday Photo Phavorites! Part one and two brought back fun memories. Here’s more of my favorites!


Awesome yummy carrots!


Pollinator on echinacea.


Volo Bog


Euphorbia corollata – Flowering spurge



I played with my fun settings!



boxwood with spiderwebs

Spiderwebs on boxwood


Oreo and the Ginger Tailed Cat in Alabama


Frost on rocks in Alabama.

20 thoughts on “Phriday Photo Phavorites – Part Three

  1. More great pics! These are my favorite so far. Are your carrots home grown? I like their stubby little appearance. 🙂

    Your dog and my dog share similar interests. The second that cat moved though my dog wouldn’t be able to contain herself! Then it’d become my job to do so. I will say Oreo looks a lot better behavior right there.

    Frost rocks rock! I don’t blame you for putting that up in your home, really cool photo. As is the spider webs on the boxwood. It’s so rewarding to be in the right place at the right time with camera at the ready. These little – or big – moments can bring so much joy.

    Good eyes!!


    • Yes, carrots are home grown. I love carrots, ready anytime, just pull out of ground and eat! Mine are stubby as I grow them in a raised box. Lots of clay below makes them stubby, but fat.
      Oreo had his lesson and remembered the outcome. . Cat 1 – Dog 0. That 10# cast was no pussy! Put 40# of dog in his place. Oreo was still curious, however no fighting intended.
      The frost rock was amazing. It was Alabama, not a normal sight for the area.
      I haven’t seen any posts lately.. Are you back to writing novels or taking a hiatus? I miss the orchids and bath taking birds! Hope you are well, friend! 😆

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      • Carrots are good. I attempted to grow some carrots once, I think I didn’t water them enough or weed for that matter. Ooops. 😉 I like your stubbies!

        Lol, that’s funny the cat won. My bird scares my dog and he’s not more than a couple of pounds. I just wish dogs would learn that lesson when it comes to skunks and porcupines!

        Frost in Alabama, that does make it more special.

        I put up a few new posts just before the new year and I’ve got a couple of new Orchid pics I need to take and process. So I’m not taking a hiatus but I have been working on my novel more lately. As you know all too well, it’s a matter of finding the right balance between our various projects. Thanks for asking, and I hope you are also well.


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