Beef Stroganoff and White Wine


It is a bit of a tradition in my house to make prime rib for Christmas dinner. I always tend to buy a larger-than-needed roast, so I can enjoy a ‘twofer’ meal and make stroganoff the next day.

Again, I’m a taster-cooker, meaning my tastes dictate the amount of ingredient. Also how much leftovers you have. Here’s a good place to start.

Start the egg noodle water and cook as directed. For two, about 2 cups of finished noodles.

Cube enough left-over meat for your tastes. For two (hungry) people, about 3 cups of meat. Set aside.

Heat a large skillet – chop one medium onion (I like to use sweet, however a yellow is fine). Caramelize the onions, then remove to a holding bowl.

Chop about 10 mushrooms into small pieces. Brown and add to your holding bowl.

Brown meat.

Reduce heat. Add onion, mushrooms and egg noodles to skillet. Add about 1 teaspoon of nutmeg and 1/2 teaspoon of tarragon, 4-6 tablespoons of butter, and about a cup of sour cream. This is done cooking, it just needs to be blended.


I’m not a wine snob. I match my wine as I like it. Although this is beef, I felt because of the white sauce, it needed a lighter (white) tasting wine.

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