Winter Interest + Hot Tub = Serenity

I planted these two hydrangeas to give us a tad bit of privacy while enjoying our soak. They also have wonderful winter interest as the snow gathers on their spent blooms.

I’d miss this in an RV. However, I’m sure I can find some hot springs somewhere!

25 thoughts on “Winter Interest + Hot Tub = Serenity

  1. Niceeeee….. Oh I so wish to have one like this someday,in fact you gave me a rough idea which I will suggest my parents to do in their backyard as well !


  2. Loved your hot tub winter scene! Our temp today (adjusting for a strong wind) is forecast to be -30C …………. I think I’ll just sit around and look at your “hot tub” view of snow covered hydrangeas!


  3. Jealousssssss!!!! Nothing better than a hot soak with steam freezing on your eyebrows. I have to tell you, though–although I do see the functionality of the hydrangea screen, I pretty uniformly hate hydrangeas. I think it has something to do with my grandmother’s yard when I was little…..or maybe it’s just that I think they’re weird. But I’m glad YOU like them, since they’re yours and all…..I’m seeing a lot of H2O in this photo. Do you have, like, a hot spring in your back yard????


    • Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t a fav, however they were free from work. At $150 ea, I’m ok with hydrangeas. These are also the only ones have.
      I guess I’m getting better with my camera skills. . My tub is classified as a 3 person. One o these days I’ll have visited/soaked in every hot spring in America! I think that is a healthy goal! 🛀

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      • Hey, what’s up with that??? I am also a hot spring junky. The worst case of chiggers–no, make that the second worst case of chiggers–I ever had was righteously gotten from hunting down a hot spring on a topo map. It was there, all right, surrounded by brush, but I was darned if I was not going to get in it, and I did, and the rest was itchy. BUT $150 for a @#$%^ hydrangea that makes horrid puffballs in hideous colors??? You can have the ones in my new back yard that once was somebody’s lovely old garden. I’ll be digging up wild irises, blue and black cohosh, jack-in-the-pulpit and whatever else catches my eye (not the P.I.) in the surrounding woods for a nice natural shade garden. Now what shall I do about those icky blue balls? Oh crap, I could have said that better 🙂


        • OMG! You crack me up!
          Never had the enjoyment of chiggers before. . Hope not to either. You’re pretty determined when you put your mind to something!
          There are so many other beautiful shade flowers, you’d be able to ditch your blue balls quite easily… heehee!

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