Sharp-shinned Hawk – Accipiter striatus

This guy was hanging around my feeder the other day. Although there were some high speed chases, I think the hawk left my feeders hungry.

Sharp-shinned Hawks are birds of the forest. They prefer wooded habitats with lots of scrub to hide and nest in.

Songbirds are their most frequent prey. Sharp-shinned Hawks will hunt birds the size of warblers, sparrows, and thrushes, however will go for larger birds such as American Robin. Hawks also love mice and voles.

Sharp-shinned Hawks do not stoop on prey from high overhead. Because of their aerobatics, they are able to capture much of their prey ‘on wing’ or while flying! They may also pounce on their meals from low perches.


25 thoughts on “Sharp-shinned Hawk – Accipiter striatus

  1. He sure is a scary fella ,I am glad I am not a songbird 😀 Hey,do you have any pictures of songbird ? I tried capturing in camera but I never got good shots in wild.


  2. Nice! Looks like it’s pretty close to your place, I can never get a clear enough shot.

    I have seen them in pursuit of our little birdy friends, it’s quite a show. Sometimes it’s hard to watch but intriguing all the same. I love both the little and the big meanies! Thanks for sharing!


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