Phriday Photo Phavorites – Part Phour

To continue with my Friday Favorites… Here are more!

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Our Alabama campfire.


Ginger Tail Cat – I hope you are well.


Tough Dilemmas in a dog’s life… 





39 thoughts on “Phriday Photo Phavorites – Part Phour

  1. Nice collection of photos 🙂 I still can’t get over “ginger tailed cat!” If a kid painted that the teacher would tell him it was rubbish! And funny how we become attached to our “holiday pets” 🙂


  2. Yeah! These are fun. I like how your campfire pic captures the mild rainbow-like colors at the tips of the flame, good job. That’s such a great portrait of that cat, it’s so pretty really!

    I think it’s funny when dogs lose their special something under things…but then I feel bad because there’s little chance they’ll get to them. As you well know, they become obsessed. Great shot! 😀

    I can see why these are more of your phavorites, especially that sunset…rise? (I think I remember seeing this…) What is the plant scene, that’s pretty cool? And you know I think prints in the snow are always interesting, definitely caught my camera a time or two.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    • The campfire photo was one of about 50 I took while camping in Alabama. There wasn’t as much activity as thought and had mucho time on my hands.
      I bet you’ve been around long enough for the sunrise and the terrarium. ..😉
      The snow dog feet is a fav. I don’t get a whole lot of enjoyment out of winter. .. I take it when I can!

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      • Winter can be hit or miss but I’ve found when it is a hit I have that much more appreciation for it. Maybe this year I’ll make it out for some extracurricular winter activities like snowboarding (been a LONNGG time). Definitely want to get out with my camera and snow shoes here soon, hopefully there’s much to find.

        I’d probably have tons of campfire pics too if I was in your shoes. Looks like this winter you’ve been having plenty of activities to keep you busy as well as your camera. 🙂 Glad you’re sharing, and making us flat-landers envious of your mountain ventures.


        • I’ve tried for years to be more proactive to winter activities.. Nothing has ever stuck. I don’t do the cold well. I feel like everything takes so long to do. Coat, hat, gloves, boots, dust off car, warm it up… ugh.
          I’ve gotten many more ideas for writing this winter, opposed to last year. Granted they are not all horticulture. . But, I think you (my reader) is ok with that! 😉
          I love campfires. I’m just a general pyro. The flames dance and I’m transported to tranquility. Ahhh.

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          • Fire is a beautiful thing when it’s not being destructive.

            I appreciate that your posts are variable, and certainly don’t feel like they all have to be horticultural. I’m learning and figuring things out myself in terms of just what I want to do on my blog as well. As long as you have material sweet, keep it coming!

            Seems I can never remember to start the car ahead of time and let it warm up. Maybe one day I’ll invest in an auto starter!


            • I didn’t really think as far ahead as I should have about what to write about during the winter. .. Last year, I was down to only posting about 2x a week. However, just as you stated, it is my blog, and I’ll do what want to (sing to: it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to! ) 😉
              I’ve thought about the starter. . But, I’m pretty spoiled with having my car in the heated garage. I’m more in need of a radar detector instead. 😮:o


              • Well fellow speeder…my garage is currently serving as a sort of storage unit. 😉 But eh, we’re lucky this winter isn’t so bad I can tough it out.

                Hey sometimes I don’t blog for a whole week, so good job getting 2 in! I hope to be more consistent this year with more content myself.

                May we succeed in accomplish our blogging goals. 😉


                • Here’s to us! I’m finding that material seems to be way easier to find the longer I blog. I’m not sure if I have a fear that if I miss a week, it will go to two weeks, then a month… then never?
                  I also may want to be a ‘pro-blogger’ one day and I’m using this as my example.
                  Either way, I hope we both get what we want or of this blogging thang!


                • I think you’re right about the longer we blog the easier it becomes. I can also say on my end it’s a matter of getting a handle on what I really want to blog about and opening the door to multiple subjects. I know for a fact – from last year – that the more I miss the more I continue to miss so being consistent is huge.

                  A “pro-blogger” eh? In what arena? Landscaping and the like or…?


                • I will need income when we finally decide to go full time RV. I am thinking of income that can be made on the road. Pro-Blogging for a large company (incognito) is ok money. I say ‘pro’ as I’d be getting paid, not just a hobby.
                  I’m still thinking of grant writing also. I just don’t want to have to spend a day at an office.


                • That sounds like a nice life is that all works out as you dream. You could probably do a great RV-travel blog. Sounds like fun!

                  Your RV is the office!


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