My 500th Post! Thanks to All of You!

youre-awesomeI had intended to write a THANK YOUpost to my community for the New Year, however time got away from me. I luckily have this new opportunity, as I’ve just reached my 500th post! Yeah!

Everyone received their WP Monkey something or another last week. I do look at my stats, however I don’t LOOOOK at my stats. I did find many things in this report interesting!

Crunchy Numbers

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 56,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 21 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

I find it odd WP didn’t find an American location for me like some of the other folks I follow…

In 2014, I wrote 267 new posts. I rarely do weekends, that time is for me… However, that’s usually when I take the photos for the posts!

These are the posts that got the most views in 2014.

1. How to Use Regular Playing Cards to Predict the Future
2. Poison Ivy – Leaves of 3, Let Them Be – Leaves of Five, Let Them Thrive!!
3. 13 Illinois Toads and Frogs
4. The Ground is Falling! The Ground is Falling! Why Florida is Sinking
5. Camping at Adeline Jay Geo-Karis Illinois Beach – State Park

I truly don’t understand how the Tarot Card post is my big hitter. On New Year’s day, I got over 200 hits on that post alone. Scary.

Instead of handing out awards that take a lot of time to do*… I’m going to celebrate my readers in a different way..

My top 3 Commenters in 2014 were:

  • eLPy – Little Face Publications: I love her poetry, crazy birds and beautiful orchids. She writes novels and publishes herself. How awesome is that?!?
  • scifihammy – Mad Cap Dog: I can’t get enough of Mr. Spaghetti Legs, Monkey and Sparky. She keeps me sane with colorful flowers in winter from her Cape Town, South African home.
  • easyweimaraner – Easy Blog: Easy is the best friend a pair of humans could have. His mom is a bit clumsy and dad has some bad plumbing, however this makes for many hilarious posts!

Other strong contenders:

  • Andrew – All Downhill From Here: Andrew takes great photos of many things, it’s hard to pick a fav. He is also ruled by Her Majesty the Queen, Lulu. You’ll have to click to find out more 😉
  • Judy – New England Garden and Thread: Judy has many talents other than gardening, she can weave threads into many beautiful things.
  • Kathryn – Art-Colored Glasses: Her artwork is beyond amazing! She has acute observation skills, which makes for interesting posts. She can make you think, then make you laugh…
  • Susan – Saddle Seeks Horse: I’ve followed Susan through the search for her new horse and her eventually finding her new buddy, Knight!
  • Emily – Bella Remy Photography: Her bird photos amaze me to no end! She has the patience of a saint being able to wait for that one great shot. Ask her about her ‘bird blind!’
  • Sylvia – Spanishwoods: Sylvia and her son, Wolfgang take amazing photos and write moving prose.
  • Ady – Round World and Me: Ady shares stories from India, along with her beautiful photography. She always has a nice word to say =-)
  • Crooked Tracks – A wonderful selection of Minnesota’s nature, dogs, beautiful artwork and so much more.
  • Sarah – Travels With Choppy: See how much of a great sport Choppy is as mom dresses her up and takes her across the country! There’s a chuckle in every post!
  • Ingrid – Live Laugh RV: Ingrid not only hails from a nearby city, she and her hubby have embarked on life in an RV full-time. I suck-up her useful info like a sponge, as we hope to take the same journey soon!!
  • Suchedtwo: I’ve learned a lot about the history of Australia and love the garden photos.

This is just a small snapshot of my community. I apologize to anyone I may have missed.

I have been blogging, regularly for two years now. Readers have come and gone. Bloggers I follow have also fell off the earth. For whatever reason, they have stopped posting. I keep them listed in my reader, hoping they would come back, however, very few have.

I hope to continue to write this blog, maybe even start another with a completely different topic. I enjoy writing and the friends that I have met during this endeavor.

I wish everyone the best! Keep on writing!!

Always, Ilex Farrell


*If you’d still like an award, please feel free to consider yourself nominated for any award I have!

34 thoughts on “My 500th Post! Thanks to All of You!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! And I love the photo 😀
    This is quite an achievement 🙂
    I think WP sent us all odd countries for comparison for our stats – I got a New York city subway train 🙂
    Also, Many Thanks for the mention 🙂
    I hope to see many more fun posts and flowers galore from you Ilex. 🙂


  2. Congratulations! It’s individuals like you that keep the blogosphere (?) alive and well. Expressing feelings, sharing stories and asking questions to a global audience is a wonderful experience and one which can surely have very positive ramifications across many cultures. Long live blogging! Great job!


  3. Wow, 500 posts, congrats! WP also gave me the Sydney report. I thought it was odd. Thanks for listing my blog. Sorry to say that it doesn’t link to my blog 🙂


  4. Wow! Congratulations, Ilex! I love your blog. And you are not only a wellspring of information, you also crack me up continuously! I’m all fired up to visit your blog faves. They look fantastic! Happy Winter, and looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. –Laura


    • Thanks so much, Laura! It means so much to me to know I make people laugh. Humor is such good medicine! 😉
      I’m so over the winter. Blah. I need to be a snowbird. I do have some flowers coming up, tho. Oops, I mean in an upcoming post, not in my yard! My African violets felt sorry for me and bloomed 🌸 These are my favs.


      • Ooooo, I LOVE African Violets! Pictures, please. I think I might have finally killed off my only orchid, since I have made the experiment of leaving it to be an air plant. It did pretty well when the humidity was high (I live in a very humid area, on a cliff over a lovely rapids, and the spray keeps the outdoor relative humidity at 70-90%, except when it’s 100% and raining!) but now my indoor humidity is hanging around 30% and Miss Orchid doesn’t like it. I think I’ll put her back in her cocoa hulls and oh no water her. So much for air plant. I’ve been growing a small indoor garden under LEDs in a large closet, with pretty good success except for the #$%^& pests that I don’t know where they come from, but I have had pretty much all of them. Since I do aromatherapy, I have developed a rotation of bug-repellant and bug-toxic concoctions, and so have produced two fairly decent harvests. One of these days I’m going to enclose the space in plastic like you’re supposed to, and maybe then my pest population will fly away.

        According to Mystical Judaism, there are four categories of “beings”: Silent, which are rocks and stuff like that, growing, which are plants, mute, which are animals, and speaking, which are people. I have enough work taking care of the two-legs and four-legs in my life–the plants and rocks have to take care of themselves!!! Glad the world has you to take care of the greenery ❤


        • My mother used to have a large table with lights to grow her many violets. She would propagate them for gifts. Pictures coming!
          I’ve only started experimenting with orchids. Now that they are really inexpensive (common kinds), I’ve tried a few. Granted they’ve not bloomed again, but on the other hand, they are not dead!! I ‘water’ them by putting a couple of ice cubes on the pot edge, weekly.
          I’ve never really tried an indoor garden. It can be really hard to not only keep the bugs out, but all the other diseases out AND be organic! Hygiene is the key. Sanitize EVERYTHING! 10% bleach is a great cleaning solution. Also, it would be a good idea to bake your soil a bit to be sure no bug eggs are in it.
          I love the Judaism lesson! I wish more of the ‘speaking’ would be the ‘silent’ type!! 😉

          Liked by 1 person

  5. Congratulations! I love the stats. You have put on many a great shows for sure. Bet you wish you’d been in Sydney for real!

    I love that picture of the puppy, way too cute. I too find it interesting that that was your #1 hitter. I’ll bet horoscope sites were overloaded with people wandering how the year will go for them. Perhaps if their cards were right they’ll come back and share. 😉

    And wow, thanks for honoring me and the mention. I feel quite special now. I’ll have to pay some of your other friends a visit in your honor. It’s been a pleasure following your site, I’ve learned lots and look forward to your many posts ahead. I hope you share a link if you decide to start up another blog.

    Cheers! Blogging is a treat that requires humility and grace as well as a lot of creativity. I’m grateful for the people I’ve met through these adventures. Here’s to 2015!! 😀


    • No problem on the mention, you earned it! I liked the concept of awards when I started blogging, however, their appeal has worn off. A bit more work than a normal post for me, at least.
      I notice a lot of bloggers do group together in communities. I think that is pretty cool! I do follow some wacky folks that keep life really interesting. 😉
      If I do start another blog, it will be nothing like this one. I was thinking of going all politically incorrect.. what that means, we’ll have to see. ..
      Here’s to you! 🍻 I wish you the best blogging year to date in 2015!

      Liked by 1 person

      • It does seem the whole award thing gets old quickly. I’ve noticed other people label their blogs “award free”. I wonder if the more experienced/serious you become the more awards get messy…? I like seeing what other crazies are out there too! 😉

        Well I look forward to your politically incorrectness.



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