Narcissistic Narcissus Bulbs

Narcissus are extremely easy to grow, smell super awesome and provide some solace from the winter… They normally do not need any chilling. For more thorough instructions on how to force all types of bulbs, go HERE!



The Story of Echo and Narcissus

Echo was an extremely talkative nymph that enjoyed her time in the cliffs and forested areas. Sadly, she angered Hera and she cursed her to only be able to repeat the last word someone speaks to her.

Echo happened across Narcissus, the beautifully perfect son of River God Cephisus and nymph Lyriope, and fell madly in love. She followed him around the forest, watching him turn down many suitors. Finally, one day Narcissus was alone and felt someone was there. “Who’s there?” he asked. “There” Echo answered. He yelled for her to show herself. She did and reached for him. He shunned her just as he had all the former suitors. Echo ran to the mountain cliffs where all you hear of her is her last word.

Narcissus wasn’t finished breaking hearts, after turning down another nymph, she prayed to Nemesis to make him know how it feels to love with no return of affection. The Goddess heard her prayer.

Soon, Narcissus came upon the most beautiful, clear stream. He slowly knelt down at the banks and encountered the most attractive face he’s ever seen! However, every time he attempted to reach for the handsome youth, he disappeared. Soon the face would return as the water calmed. Narcissus couldn’t help himself from needing to be with the beautiful face, so much so, that he drowned.

The narcissus flowers also like to grow along river banks.

Β© Ilex Farrell

19 thoughts on “Narcissistic Narcissus Bulbs

  1. Great!!! I love that story, and you’ve helped me out immensely by filling in the “Nemesis” blank, which I had forgotten.

    Your bulbs are just sitting on top of the soil! It looks so very cool, like flowers growing out of onions, but how did you do that???

    And heeeeres the question: other than last fall, which was devoted to my dad, when’s my next best opportunity to split my mother’s crocuses, when it manages to thaw around here? I want to steal some and plant them in my new yard πŸ˜€


    • I don’t have any outside, only in my house. I also love my hyacinths, I just planted those yesterday. They needed a cold spell to get them started. They smell a bunch stronger than the narcissus. Colors also! I’m sure they will turn up in a post πŸ˜‰


      • I love Hyacinth. I had some planted outside in the corner of my “garden area” but then revamped it with a pond that didn’t get finished before the season ended. Needless to say there will be no Hyacinths over there this year! But they have such strong scents I could walk over near them and smell them without trying. I would love to have some inside. I’ll keep my eyes open for the inevitable post. πŸ™‚


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