Phriday Photo Phavorites – Part Phive

It’s another glorious Friday! Time to enjoy some favorites!

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This is a view through the kaleidoscope at the Nicholas Conservancy and Gardens – Rockford, Illinois


Cooper’s Hawk – Accipiter cooperiiwpid-20140406_105227_richtonehdr.jpg


Yellow Lady’s-slipper –  Cypripedium parviflorum, found at Matthiessen State Park

wpid-20140523_142959.jpg wpid-20140523_142018.jpg

Both of these falls are at Matthiessen State Park.


This was a bad Friday. I was hungry!


Japanese Painted Fern – Athyrium


Aquilegia vulgaris “Ruby Port” – Ruby Port Double Columbine

hh camp

This is us at our favorite campground, in our favorite spot!


Sycamore Tree – Platanus occidentalis

30 thoughts on “Phriday Photo Phavorites – Part Phive

  1. Ok, I’m undecided as to which appeals more. The harrier, the Japanese Painted Fern or the pizza. OK, I’ve decided. The pizza (with extra pepperoni please) wins.


  2. One of my most memorable wild bird moments came courtesy of a harrier (and a very unlucky robin who happened to be at the wrong end of its talons that day) – it just dropped out of the sky and that was the end of the robin. It also shocked my mom and I, who were otherwise doing the dishes and enjoying the nice view out of her kitchen window into the backyard.


    • Ah, nature… There’s always these delicate indiscretions of how animals eat. We get these nice, ready to eat packages, so innocently. I’m not a fan of seeing it, however, I know it happens. This guy was not lucky this day, but, the guy a few days before got a sparrow right before my eyes. They are not my favorite birds. But, glad the meal took place elsewhere.

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      • I’d seen plenty of hawks get mice and the like before that harrier, but that never really bothered me. I’m guessing I just have far more affinity for birds than rodents, so it was far more unpleasant.


  3. Man, I think you’ve got some of the best Phavorites in this post! I thought the Kaleidoscope was a super idea, but then I kept scrolling! I love that you have a shot of an Orchid in the wild, I hope to see some in the wild myself this year. Thanks for sharing that’s a beautiful flower. And those falls and underground pool are surreal. Did you guys go swimming?

    That looks like a good Friday to me…although it seems maybe you were confused which piece to grab!

    I love Japanese Painted Ferns although it seems I’m not very good at finding the right place for them. They certainly like their shade and moisture. And the peeling bark of Sycamores are a phenomenon all their own. I’m a bit obsessed with those trees having taken plenty pics of them I have to keep myself from flicking up every one I see. Nice job with the others and especially getting the Harrier on the ground.

    Thanks so much for sharing, Happy Phriday!


    • I couldn’t believe I saw that orchid in the wild! In the wild! I think they were all delicate and topical. . Then here I see it off the side of a path! I hope no one stole it… 😥 We camp here often and I will always look for these now.
      We don’t go swimming as its not as deep as it looks and kinda chilly. We do have to walk in it for long periods, tho. Refreshing on a hot day! I recommend a hike here.
      The Japanese ferns were literally thrown in the ground the 8 years ago and mostly forgotten. The area is bright, yet shady and the gutter runs nearby. Never even watered them in the big drought a few years ago. Love them!
      Thanks for stopping by, my friend! 😆


      • I would like to plan a trip or two this summer around finding Orchids in the wild. Being the second largest family of flowering plants in the world they’re found, well, all over the world! Of course they’re more numerous in the tropics and I do believe all the most beautiful ones are tropical. Great eye finding it. 🙂 I would have been super stoked.

        Nice work with the ferns, we’ll see if mine come back this year.

        Always happy to visit. 😀


        • Welp, I’d you plan on going to Starved Rock, I’d show you exactly where I found it! 😉
          I’d somewhat fear that someone would have taken it, it was very close to a trail head. I even stood up and drank water unceremoniously as folks walked by. I didn’t want to share at the time. Many people think it’s ok to take them. Grrr.

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