Phriday Photo Phavorites – Part Six

Happy Friday! Time to enjoy some favorites!

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Wood borer trails. Want to know more?


Breck enjoying a cool dip in the lake!




Clematis virginiana – Old man beard


Miss Autumn Hummingbird


Tomatillo in it’s wrapper. See more!



Lake Michigan

wpid-2014-08-23-21.00.26.jpg.jpegwpid-20140805_173835.jpg wpid-20140805_173927.jpg wpid-20140805_173742.jpg wpid-20140805_173722.jpg

19 thoughts on “Phriday Photo Phavorites – Part Six

  1. Oh these are so great! I love seeing those little trails on wood, I feel like I’m witnessing the true hieroglyphic style artists of nature!

    The Tomatillo, that shoreline of a creek (?) or pond is it, anywho those are soft and beautiful. They evoke some artistic appreciation and emotion. And I really like the sunflower frames, well done. I love the varying details and stages you’ve captured there, could make for a great framed piece of art. 😉


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