Cooper’s Hawk – Accipiter cooperii


Although Cooper’s Hawks are really cool birds, I’d rather be viewing this guy somewhere other than my feeder.

Being a Cooper’s hawk is a tough business. A study was conducted of more than 300 Cooper’s Hawk skeletons in which 23% revealed many, healed-over fractures in the bones of the chest.

Coopers Hawks don’t kill their prey by biting it like other hawks, they repeatedly squeeze their prey until it dies. They have also been known to drown their prey.

28 thoughts on “Cooper’s Hawk – Accipiter cooperii

  1. Dern…everybody is so, like, “Oh, Nature, how peaceful…” Yeah, right. I had no idea Cooper’s Hawks were so twisted. Almost as bad as a Shrike! (Well, it takes a lot to be worse than a Shrike, which, if any of your readers don’t know this, a Shrike kills its prey by impaling it on, say, a barbed wire fence, if it can’t find a suitable thorn. Then it goes away for a while and comes back, leaving a pile of feathers.)

    OK, now on to another topic: I don’t know about you, but I have trouble reading black type on a brown background. Just sayin’.


    • These guys have been buzzing my feeders a bit too often lately. They dive into the Yew (on the right) and hope to pop out with a meal. Unless I’m totally ready with the camera, it usually happens b/4 I can get off a shot.


        • As a new follower of you, I may have missed if you had a date set for the surgery? I would hope you sail through it like Andrew!!
          Sometimes birds / animals need to have everything juuuust right. You have all those flutterbys at your pad, you must know this 😉 I’m teaching myself about the birds, as I figure they are around in the winter, unlike the plants. At home, I would get sparrows, cardinals and crows. I’m quite near a large, old forest preserve. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Anyway, yadda yadda, I’ve got the same situation at work, a bit better though, as it again is near a large forest preserve that is a large bunch of lakes that many migrating birds utilize. I’ve learned things and now have a large variety of critters showing-up there. Ironically, my boss thinks it’s cool. He loves my squirrels.

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          • I don’t have an exact date but probably last of February. I have been chicken. I need to redo my will, living will, and all that jazz. I have yet to do that but I am slowly working toward what and who will be in control if I should have a stroke and go into a coma. I always look on the negative side of everything.( talking about what could happen during the procedure). It will be done in Austin.


            • I can understand that! I’m a doom and gloom planner. I always plan for the worst and usually cover my bases enough that I come thru some adverse stuff with bells on. People call me lucky. I call myself prepared. “LUCK favors the prepared” don’t know who said that, but it’s true.
              My last surgery (hysterectomy) was bad. I needed a transfusion and had to go back into surgery to catch the bleeder they missed. Everything was fine in the end, but it was only the day before that I wrote a will at age 36.
              No one reads the future. All we can do is hope that everything eventually works out. I will send hope your way! :mrgreen:💖

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  2. Nice shot and what horrific facts! I almost felt bad for all those Cooper’s Hawks with bad luck until I read how they kill their prey. That is not how I’d like to go out, I mean I wouldn’t want to get bit and torn apart either but squeezed? That’s a bit much. Great post though. 😉

    I think I saw one of these this morning, he left while I was fidgeting with my camera. Would have been too far away anyways. I hate to see the hawks hunt the little birds too but then again I don’t have anything against hawks and they gotta eat too. What’dya do?


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