Sunflowers For Winter Season Woes

This post was sitting in my drafts folder and I had completely forgotten about it! I actually think this was great timing for this though. I am in so much need for some warmth & colors. I can’t wait for the spring when Gaia comes alive again! Namaste =-D


© Ilex – Midwestern Plants

25 thoughts on “Sunflowers For Winter Season Woes

  1. a blog I follow is The Future is Papier Mache and today, rite after your great sunflower pix, that blog showed up with a drawing of a man sleeping under HUGE sunflowers. You mite get a kick out of it. Here’s to warmth and color. That’s why I live in Mexico!


    • I checked out the Paper Mache blog, very nice! I found the conversation interesting, as my husband is a double art major. We went to the Milwaukee Art Museum (Very kewl building) after only about 5 months of dating. After our butting heads on art, it was a surprise we made it… Just kidding. mostly..
      The sunflowers in my yard were a good 14 feet, a few maybe 16. First year for that! I totally understand what that dude ceasing a siesta among the gentle giants was feeling.
      Beeeeeeeeeeeelieve me. My husband is the anchor, I’m the sail. I would not regret never seeing snow again!


  2. Sunflowers are not only pretty but the seeds are good for the wildlife and for humans. IO leave a stand of the natives ones each year but this year I think that I’ll plant the large heads so I can pick a few to put in a vase.


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