Border Collie Sundial


10:00 AM

Breck loves the sun. I mean really loves the sun!! In the winter, my southern window projects a good 8 feet of sunlight on the living room floor. I get very little in the summer. Last Saturday, when I could actually witness the sun pouring in, I watched Breck move as the sun traveled across the floor.

I think we all should enjoy the sun a bit more. Life is so overwhelming at times and it really shouldn’t be. I often wonder what it would like to be a wild animal. There’s only four things that need to be done. Eat, Drink, Sleep and Sex. I think I left the best for last!

Who thought that having material things were a good thing? Now it is to the point where things like a cell phone, computer and cable T.V. are considered things you can’t live without and are even supplied to people on public aid. I tried to give my working projection T.V. away and charities do not want it as it is old technology!

So, here’s to taking some time to relax and lay in the sun. Go be a dog!


12:00 PM


2:00 PM


©  Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

33 thoughts on “Border Collie Sundial

  1. Lovely 🙂 Go Breck! My dogs do the same 🙂
    And I know you live in the northern hemisphere – because your sun patches move from right to left across the carpet! Mine go the other way! As does the sun!! 😉

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  2. It has always amused me that my past 5 cats, and current Ray, all have/had lovely fur coats and yet all would delight in chilling out in full sun! We can clearly learn so much from those “guys”. 🙂


  3. My dog Marley used to follow the sun around the garden when we lived in Tenerife, which is in the Canary Islands, just off the coast of Africa, as is always HOT! He used to lie there panting, not understanding that he needed some shade, and a drink! In England now, he still finds the sun and follows it wherever it lands. At the age of 12, I think it’s safe to say he’ll be doing this forever more. Love to Breck and his sun seeking ways. ❤

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  4. My dogs run out side in the summer and lie/lay on the hot gravel in mid-day heat. They/lie lay in the same spots just about every day. I suppose the heat feels good to their aching joints. I have three dogs that are past the age of ten. The labs that are younger don’t tend to lie/lay around as much as the older ones.

    Breck knows what feels good to his body.

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  5. Choppy does the same thing – she even moves room to room as the day progresses to take full advantage of it (and pays no attention to things I may have left in the sun, like an iPad, should she want to sleep in a particular spot!).


  6. Great post. Funny because today I had this almost panicked moment when my dog wasn’t in her bed, not her crate, or eating parrot food off the bird room floor (the Cockatoo enjoys flinging it around). I thought I was going crazy and she was still outside, until I saw her little toes poking out from the side of the couch in the living room, which also happens to have a south-facing window. She goes in there very deliberately to lay right in the sun when it shines through the brightest. 🙂 Good point to make that we should spend more time in the sun, don’t underestimate its presence in the winter; thanks for the reminder because I meant to get out there today!

    Border collie sundial is a great title btw. The last pic is pretty awesome too how he’s looking at you like, “Why are you looking at me again?”

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    • Dogs sure do know how to enjoy life. I’m sure she was thinking in her vast dog brain, “This is the life, my human should be here laying next to me scratching my ears, but whatever. ..”
      I always love watching the cockatoo/parrot feeding dog videos! Crack me up. It amazes me how gentle the dogs can be with the birds.


      • Oh yes the cockatoo feeding husky video is a pretty funny one no doubt. My birds don’t do so intentionally but I’m sure that’s only a matter of time. Honestly, my dogs have always been more gentle with my birds than vice versa. And I think it’s better that way though I would like to impress upon the feathered ones that they ought to be a bit nicer. 😉


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