24 thoughts on “Pink Explosion

  1. No sheep but plenty of bull. πŸ™‚ Sorry I could not resist that. Your photo is gorgeous. Great looking flowers. Here in central Texas it is very grey, dampish mnot sheepish πŸ™‚ and it was probably around 26 degrees or so. I see that the water froze in the bird bath. The naive decidous holly has already been putting out tiny leaves. We had snow for 2 hours on Wed. and within an hour or a bit more after it stopped snowing, it was all melted. I feel for you guys in the north. All that snow would drive me really nuts.


    • I love your catchy humor!! My reader had a old photo of sheep in it instead of the flowers, that’s an odd one. I guess it could have been worse (naked sheep!) 😯
      I would love your weather. Not a real Midwestern winter, but gets a bit cold for the season. Snow = no, I don’t enjoy it after the first one. It won’t be long… There’s surely going to be more snow, but the temps look like they might become double digits… W/O the “-” in front of it!! Enjoy your weekend!!


      • Naked sheep; Now that would be a whole lotta shorn wool for some sheep rancher. My cousin and her husband live in the hill country sort of on the northern edge, (Meridan, TX). They always have a large flock of sheep and a Great Pyrenees to guard the flock.

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  2. Lovely pink explosion! I’m jealous of all these folks I’m seeing around WordPress celebrating Daffodils and blossoms…sigh…soon, soon we will arrive. πŸ˜‰


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