Colors in the Snow




       Bright color spews forth

    Over the snow covered earth

           Bringing salvation





Happy Friday the 13!! Paraskevidekatriaphobics take cover!

© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

28 thoughts on “Colors in the Snow

  1. we decided to stay at home today… and we do nothing than to work on my blog and to watch tv…. oh and we celebrate the 5th “week-o-versary” of the hell-bow… butt just with a cup of tea :o) have a happy friday too :o)


    • How is that hell-bow of yours? I thought of you as I was flying through the air with my feet in the air (but I DID care!!) when I stepped on some ice while feeding the birds. I was down on my hell-bow and hell-butt before I knew it! Bird seed everywhere but the feeder I had brought it out for. Thank goodness, I drank my milk ate my cheese and had strong bones to withstand the 700 pound flop on the ground. All I got was a scrape and it’s tender. No putting hell-bows on the table for me!
      I hope you’re feeling better!!!


  2. Oh boy, do I remember the days of March and April in northern Wisconsin. The snow would never end. And my dad had this awful rule (when we were kids) that he wouldn’t bring down our bicycles from the garage rafters until ALL THE SNOW HAD MELTED. Awful. It was awful. There were days in April when my brother and I were out on the lawn spreading out the patches of snow as thinly as possible, and trying to melt much of it in our hands.
    It will come. It always does …


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