Signs of Life – Happy Spring!!

So Spring has Sprung! There are signs of life in the Midwestern soil. Tulips are the herald of spring. I should be seeing bright, shiny tulip faces soon!!


spring is here
STOP THE PRESSES… ERR, I mean ISP’s! I just saw my first ROBIN yesterday!!


Β© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

38 thoughts on “Signs of Life – Happy Spring!!

  1. The green has been late in coming. I like squinting my eyes at our backyard trees and seeing the fresh new buds. πŸ™‚ It is lovely to hear the birds as I walk around the neighborhood.


  2. I saw a red-winged blackbird earlier this week – that is an even better indication of spring up here (the robins have been here a couple weeks. I pretty much watch for them constantly, so I think I see them before most people).

    My flowers down in Indiana may be blooming before we close the sale on the house next week. I’m sort of hoping they are so I can see them one last time, sort of hoping they aren’t, because I don’t have any in the apartment.

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  3. Are you responsible for “I wet my plants” sign?” If so that is too clever. And the bulbs are beginning to emerge. That is a sure sign of spring and I’m happy for you that hopefully bad weather is gone.


    • I wish I could take credit for that sign, however it’s been flying around the internet for a while now. Couldn’t even figure out who to credit. I’m really looking forward to this year, as I’m redoing my front bed. A complete rehab. Can’t wait!!

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  4. well, good for you. Now you can really shine as a gardener again. Here in San Miguel de Allende Mexico we had a weekend of rain that never quit, luckily only a few days after my plants had been fed that blue stuff and now EVERYTHING’s blooming like crazy and my little garden is, as they say, a ‘riot’ of color.


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