Common Snowdrops ~ Galanthus nivalis ~ Blooming 3-21-2015

imageWow! A Saturday post! πŸ˜‰image I usually like to collect
my photos on the weekends and post on the weekdays, HOWEVER, this was too awesome to wait!

I noticed this little donation from Mother Nature on the side of my house today! I didn’t see any in 2014, however, it was April 9th when I had discovered them in 2013. Way later than this year. I hope this is a good sign that things will progress a bit faster this year! Screw you, Mr. Groundhog!

I thought I might try to get a different perspective of what mulch gets to see when it looks up at the world. Giggle, Giggle!

That’s Madam Spruce with her fabulous, flowing skirts and Professor Elm surveying the vast landscape of his view.


Β Β© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

13 thoughts on “Common Snowdrops ~ Galanthus nivalis ~ Blooming 3-21-2015

  1. It’s great to see the first signs of spring! This groundhogs are always wrong, bet they are paid by the sweater dealers and the boot factories :o) we had a “phenomenon” once many moons ago, as snowdrops came out in december on a meadow where all people looked at them. Sadly the wonder of nature was ruined by my 7 years old mom and a giant irish setter who dragged her over that meadow like a sled to get a cat on the other side…:o(

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    • I don’t doubt your conspiracy theory at all! Subliminal messages to buybuybuy are everywhere!
      Bummer on the drag ride through the meadow! We’ll just go ahead and blame the whole thing on the human. Surely nothing would have been damaged, well, aside from the cat.. if the stupid human would have let go! πŸ˜‰


  2. Snowdrops are so cute. I think that my small grouping of snowdrops need to be transplanted to get more sun. They did not do much this year and have been in the same place for more than 30 years. Now, they don’t have as much sun since I let a Japenses ligustrum remain where it sprouted. Ordinarily I don’t care for those at all but this one provides a screen and it grew really fast.


    • I love them! Anything that fights that hard in this world to live has my adoration. This one is close to my foundation, so it surely has some warmth from the house helping it out. Yours do probably just need a bit more of Ol Sol shining on them. 🌞
      Everything has its place. . I don’t like privet, however it makes a great hedge. Birds love the nesting space also.

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  3. Yes, Spring!! Oh, how lovely to see the snowdrops. I don’t think I’ve found any out here in Virginia. And I miss the trilliums as well.
    I love the view from the bottom. That’s one many of us don’t take the time and effort to afford ourselves. Thanks for the labors!


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