Monday Memories

I’m starting to see my small area of the world wake-up and stretch. I witnessed my first snowdrop bloom, have had to yell at my dogs NOT to chase the rabbits in the yard and my workload has increased. One out of three ain’t bad.

I’ve seen many things start to progress and want to record it, technically for posterity. I do like that I have a phenology list of plants around me and want to continue to propagate it (giggle)! I have thought about writing new posts and/or reposting old ones. Not a fan of reposts per se and writing a new one about the same topic is well, stupid IMO. However, I see others doing these type of recap posts and though it was a great idea. Monday Memories is born.

This also gets me off the hook for fresh material on the busiest day of the week  😉

The Willows are starting to turn yellow here. wpid-20140304_070015_richtonehdr.jpg

This is right on schedule with last year. This photo is from last year and had I taken a new one last Friday, it would have been void of snow. However Mr. Jack Frost is not done wit us yet! We’ve got 3-5 inches predicted for this evening! (Technically, I’m writing this Sunday night ~ We’ll see in the comments if I’m right!)


Summer blend gas is on order.

Our gas prices are starting to rise, even though the cost of a barrel of oil is going down. Yeah, living by a large city is awesome!! Not. So even though there is plenty of gas made and ready to go, the refineries have to make summer blend for the area that drives the price up almost double. $2.97 per gallon now will be $4.50 in June.

The upside is usually the price of diesel stays the same price throughout the year at about $2.70 per gallon. This is good when we are camping and driving a bit to get where were plopping for the weekend.


s daliDaylight Savings Time

This was a few weeks ago, however I think it’s important to understand where these notions come from and just why do we do it?!?

Many think this was all done to try to save resources, energy and money… However, environmental economist Hendrik Wolff, of the University of Washington, found that the Daylight saving did indeed drop lighting and electricity use in the evenings… HOWEVER, higher energy demands during darker mornings completely canceled out the evening gains.


Coming up soon!


© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

18 thoughts on “Monday Memories

  1. OK, lets forget about pretty flowers and white snow for a bit and talk about petrol ( which is what you guys call gas but gas is when you eat the wrong stuff and your tummy hurts and you make loud noises where you shouldn’t and petrol is short for petroleum – so there)
    However it’s the same here – the price of a barrel of oil goes up by a couple of cents a barrel and petrol shoots up about five minutes later and then oil goes down by a dollar and petrol creeps down about a couple of cents about ten bloody years later. And what’s the difference between summer blend and winter blend? That really is a new one for us down here where it’s always mild.


    • Ha ha 😂 You crack me up! All we have to do is figure out how to run cars on GAS and not PETROL and we’d be billionaires!
      To sum up: Summer blend is a less volatile gas, that doesn’t evaporate in the higher temps of summer. I would bet being in a 365 warm place, that you guys are running it all year. Check out the link, it has all the technical mumbo-jumbo already written 😉


  2. I agree with your stance on reposts but revisiting specific themes a year later I find fascinating, not least in how I respond to events differently as I tick off another year. Not many left now perhaps so have to make the most.


    • The boys really love being outside and running around!
      For the record, as I’ve not mentioned it in any other comment, we got 6 inches of snow at my house yesterday. Granted it will melt in a day or two. March is still here!


  3. I know I was in spring-mode – I didn’t even bother to look at the forecast, got on the road yesterday morning, and found myself in the middle of a snowstorm shortly thereafter. The slowed driving was bad enough, but I definitely regretted the open-toed pumps the most…


  4. I am SOOO beyond ready to have the self-canceling “benefits” of semiannual time changes eliminated. Such an unproductive nuisance. Still, spring is glorious whenever and however it arrives! 😀


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