Spring Birds ~ Welcome Back to the Midwest!!

Last Friday was the first day of Spring and my first Robin sighting! Contrary to popular belief, they don’t all migrate to warm weather. Many stay and roost in trees, making it more difficult to spot them. Of course, right after the 60F/15C weekend Mother Nature gave us, Jack Frost had the last laugh on Monday when he delivered 5″ inches of snow! I got to tell my boss “I told you so”, after he had taken off all the plows on the trucks.


This was also my first sighting of MR. Red-Bellied Woodpecker. I’m sure Miss is happy to see someone that looks like her!


Mr. Downy Woodpecker has been around for awhile. He and his lady take turns at the suet.

Here’s a nice photo of everyone playing nice at the feeder! Mr. Mourning Dove, Mr. White-Crowned Sparrow and of course, Mr. Cardinal.


Suet for everyone!! I’m not sure who’s who with the three doves, however one is a lady and the other two are suitors.


Mr. House Sparrow and Morning Dove. Two Yellow Finches start to get their YELLOW on!


The White-Breasted Nuthatch, my favorite. The hardest working bird around, IMO. The Starlings also love the suet. I’ve got to tap on the window to scare them away. If it gets out there’s suet here, all I’ll have is Starlings!


© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

28 thoughts on “Spring Birds ~ Welcome Back to the Midwest!!

  1. We had a melt day yesterday, and I went out and shoveled off a few inches off the tops of the raised beds to help the process along. As I was shoveling in shirt sleeves, I could hear birds in the wetlands chirping. Wonderful sign. Now, if the remaining three to four feet of snow would just get the heck out of here. 🙂


    • Wow, that sounds really nice.. Shoveling in short sleeves?!? 😉
      I hope you don’t have too many issues with flooding. This area still gets flood warnings, however nothing more than a flooded basement here and there. The news has folks that live on the river on every year that complain how their basement floods, insurance won’t cover it and they want emergency assistance. Umm. What did you think was going to happen living 10 feet away from the shore? I’ve got an idea, move!

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  2. What an amazing amount and variety of birds! Must be some special suet! 🙂
    But I still can’t get over Five inches of snow!! It is nearly April!
    Here’s hoping you have an Awesome Summer!! 🙂


    • Oh, how you’re going to post them! I saw a indigo bunting last year for the first time. Hope a return visit.
      Have you been posting? I’ve missed them, if yes. Sometimes WP has dropped people I follow occasionally. 😠


  3. Oh we did not get that much snow, phew, though sorry for you. :/ But at this point I can deal with the cold knowing it doesn’t stand much of a chance. I feel fortunate the Starlings haven’t invaded my yard, have a hard enough time with the Sparrows as we’ve discussed. You know I also saw a red-bellied at my sister’s feeder, so beautiful. I love seeing how active the doves are and await some new visitors anxiously now that spring is officially here. It’s really almost surreal to be honest with you. Even as it’s been a relatively easy winter weather-wise I feel like I’m in a time warp!

    Let’s do the time warp again!!! 😉


    • Thank you!! Nuthatches are my favorite. They may not have the prettiest song… sound like an old man blowing his nose. Naa! Naaaa! But, they really work hard for their seeds and they completely defy gravity as they run up and down the tree. Sometimes I see them drop a seed, however they are so fast, they recover it in less than 1 foot! Truly amazing.


  4. So many varieties of birds , Nuthatch sure is cute 😀 The red bird( woodpecker ? ) looks so beautiful, we get mostly grey/black colors here and I have found a patch of red in most odd places of birds !


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