Your Enemy’s Enemy is Your Friend

imageThis is one helluva image squirrel mansion that is in my black cherry. The trumpet vine that has grown up the tree allows for a nice hideout for The Squirrel Family.

There is a tad bit of an issue with location. This fine residence is built in the middle of a yard that has two border collies patrolling it!
They’d better be quick entering and exiting the residence.

That’s the only downside. Otherwise, it’s a dam, safe neighborhood! Who’s going to come bother them with these guys on patrol?!?

Happy April Fool’s Day!!

Β© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

11 thoughts on “Your Enemy’s Enemy is Your Friend

    • I think if they caught it, the fun would be over. πŸ˜‰ They love the chase but aren’t big on the kill instinct.
      Last fall, I went out to get the boys from the yard and there was a huge skunk in the yard, they were flanking it about 10 feet apart. A standoff. I calmly called them in and they directly came to me while the skunk looked on. Wheeew! That was close!
      Happy 🐟 Day!

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  1. Ray needs time to build up to “warp speed” and his cornering ability is “questionable” … and yet he has caught two squirrels to date (Ref Post “Delusional Squirrel” – Dec 8 2014). They seem to taunt him for some reason. How does your squirrel population survive with not only a Border Collie around, but two of them? They are certainly a lot more agile than our Ray!


    • That squirrel was totally delusional! What was it thinking? Obviously, not what it should have been!!
      Although my Borders like to chase, once the ‘chasee’ stops, so do they. We had a bunny nest in our firepit that they never knew was there. I think Borders are just not into the killing thing, just the chasing thing.

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