Any Port in a Canned Spam

image I’m trying to venture out of my white wine island…

Porto Morgado is a Port style fortified wine produced in the Douro region of Portugal. We found this wine at a bargain price ($10) at Trader Joes. It’s also available in Tawny, Ruby and vintage styles.

My husband is a whiskey connoisseur and if you know anything about whiskey, it’s aged in used wine barrels. He likes ports because they have the notes that his beloved whiskey picks up for its flavors.

I really liked this one, it was very sweet and not harsh to my delicate pallet. I found this description of it, “Nose: grapey, red cherry candy, plum, prune.” It did smell wonderful!!

I don’t know where SPAM was hiding all my life. I love this heart-attack in a can!! I think the red wine cancels it out. Sure it does!

This meal is just chunked SPAM browned with asparagus and rice. Boom. Fast, easy Monday meal!!


Β© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

16 thoughts on “Any Port in a Canned Spam

  1. I like port too… but the bad thing is, that one glass is not enough and more than one gives me head aches :o( but there are ports what are totally worth the “port charge” the next day :o)


  2. I like wine regardless of color. πŸ™‚ Spam? I haven’t had it for many years but when I was growing up in a very poor household, Spam was at least a once a week menu item. My Mom put some pineapple and brown sugar on it. What I remember is that at the time it tasted just fine. πŸ™‚


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