Cable Companies Don’t Give a F*ck!!

We have a battle of the internet going on. Two of the largest internet providers (Comcast & Time Warner) are trying to merge which would create a huge monopoly. When there are no other options, they would be free to charge website owners to pay for their site to be faster. It is neutral now (Net Neutrality), for the most part, however sites that stream content (like Amazon, Netflix, YouTube…) are charged higher rates. There are also dangers of our first amendment rights of free speech! Please be aware of your rights fellow bloggers, the freedom of the internet is taken for granted… This is a strong threat!!

This video contains vulgar language… =-) Bull-ya

23 thoughts on “Cable Companies Don’t Give a F*ck!!

  1. OMG I about choked on my morning coffee. I thought you were going to talk about those offers they make to ‘new’ providers but won’t offer to ‘current’ providers. It also reminded me of Joe Pesci in a Lethal Weapon where he goes through drive through for a burger and gets a tuna sandwich. LOL


    • Actually, every year when my internet contact is up (att uverse) I call them up and ask for the ‘retention dept’. I say I’m out, as you are offering $20 month & I’m paying $30. Oh, Miss Ilex, we can’t see you go, we’ll charge you $20 also for the next year. πŸ˜€ Works every time!
      Can’t do that with a monopoly. They’d say SEE YA! F U!
      I hope you got all the coffee out of your nose. Heehee!


  2. What next,? The greedy buzzards. I hate all of the big companies. Monopolies should not be allowed by the government. Here we have Time Warner and Grande and maybe Dish TV and Dish I’m not sure about. I use TW and I can almost never get an American tech for assistance when I lose connection.


  3. This was incredibly eye-opening (the info, not the language–after all, I’ve got teenagers). The Net Neutrality decision was a small relief, but you’ve made some other really important points. It ain’t over. Plus I love your wise way of handling internet folks. Gonna have to try that one next time. Eleven months and counting. Thanks for sharing the vid. It’s a pass on must. Cheers!


    • Ha! Yup. I pay exactly $23 (tax incl) for 12 mgps and usually average 14. This is a lucky thing. I’m right near a ‘booster box’. This doesn’t happen everywhere. Also I’m lucky to be in an area that has other options for Internet.
      There is a possibility of loosing the freedom of speech. That is the huge 🐘 in the room!


      • We don’t pay by speed other than fibre or non-fibre. Otherwise it’s about how much data you use. I am buying unlimited but you can get cheaper restricted packages I think. The problem is most of the lines are owned by BT and others rent from them. BT customers get priority of course so speeds can drop. Very complicated. It’s even more so if you want a static IPAD address as I do. I get online again on the 20th πŸ‘Ώ


        • Ouch. Yes, when it comes to home/landline kinda deals, it’s speed and not data use. However, I am limited to 110mb download. Very large. Cell phones are average $15 for 2mb data. This is why hooking up to any open wifi hot spot is important.


  4. you’re rite, they don’t. neither does any other corporate monster . . . errr, entity. all the care about is m-o-n-e-y which is the real American dream.


  5. Yep. For a nation that loudly proclaims its refusal to be ruled by kings and oligarchs, its determination to block and dismantle all Evil Monopolies & Mega-Conglomerates, and its commitment to equality, religious and political freedom, Truth, Justice, and the American Way, the US is United only in its longtime disregard for all of those beliefs when it comes to actual practices. Is this a great country, or what! πŸ˜€

    Or, as Tiny Tim might have said it, “Comcast f*ck Us, Every One!” πŸ˜‰


  6. Careful… Dad uses an antenna, but something weird happened last fall. He went from about 20 stations down to six. I had already given him my newer TV so he thought it was the problem. SO, he bought a new TV and it didn’t change a thing. SO, he bought a new antenna with 3x the range. Still only 6 stations. What the heck is that all about?


    • The only experience I have with a TV antenna, is when I go camping. The TV will search for stations. Some analog some digital. It’s mostly religious, Hispanic or kids channels that come in. Maybe some of the stations decided not to broadcast? Maybe hit the ‘puter and see what stations really are available near you.
      Great to see you back, BTW!


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