Close, But Not Quite

Happy Monday!!

Oreo was sleeping next to me on the couch as he usually does. I had to capture his blissful state.
I don’t usually do many edits, however when I looked at this, I really thought it looked monotone.

Here’s it monotone for real. Pretty close!

© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

18 thoughts on “Close, But Not Quite

  1. The monotone is interesting but, given that he is black and white naturally, I thought that the brown cushions highlighted him very nicely and my preference is the colour pic. The brown was also a nice sober colour to use as a contrast. If the cushions had been bright red or yellow etc., than I would have definitely preferred the monotone after all, the object of the pic is sleeping so calming colours are the best! Just some thoughts.


    • I like your thoughts! Most times I’m not planning out photos, just point and snap. This one was like that. Then upon looking at it I thought I had hit the monotone button, but hadn’t. With your great thoughts, I will look for more of these situations.
      I sure learn a bunch about photography from other bloggers, thanks! !

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      • You’re welcome! For the record, I know very little about photography and, in fact, my “claim to fame” in that field is simply a very nice “point ‘n’ shoot” camera. However, my strength through school was the arts as I apparently grasped detail, balance etc. quite naturally. None of that served much purpose during my working life, but has been a great source of pleasure privately. 🙂


  2. very good name for a b&w doggie. I like him and I like his nose. I had one, my darling Chico, for almost 14 years and I miss him every day.


  3. A perfect picture of contentment and serenity. This is a very nice capture and actually in my humble opinion I think both of them fill the bill but maybe I lean to the monotone if you’re looking for artistry.


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