Herring Gull ~ Larus argentatus

The Herring Gull aka Seagull is a frequent visitor to our vast oceans of… asphalt! They love picking up after us messy humans. They always seem to like the McDonalds. I wonder how they don’t get fat?!?

Identifying these guys can be tricky as they have different patterns every year for the first four years of their lives. I though they were just different colored ones. In short, they are very brown the first year, then in a freckled manor, transition into the grey.white bird we commonly associate as a sea gull. These are all adults or older than four years old.

I do live near a very small lake. It was almost fully defrosted last week. These guys were waiting for the fisher-folk to come and toss them some fishy-guts. Eaw.


Gulls prefer fresh water, however can drink saltwater and because of a special gland, excrete the saline via their nasal passages. That’s really amazing.




Β© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

17 thoughts on “Herring Gull ~ Larus argentatus

  1. Nice shots πŸ™‚ Seagulls are amazing; adaptable and true survivors. I didn’t know they could deal with sea water!
    We used to go down to the harbour and eat fish and chips. The kids loved to throw the seagulls chips – just straight up in the air, and they’d swoop past and catch them!

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  2. I like to hear the call or the cries of the gulls as they circle overhead. The Franklin gull is the one that we see in the spring. I live near a lake too but not close enough to be able to see the water. About 1/4 mile away- roughly.


  3. They are interesting birds and some of them are fabulous sandwich thieves… my grampy was the victim os such a guy once who lured next to the seafood booth and grabbed the sandwich from his hand :o)


    • HAHAHA! Sorry for laughing grandpappy! Those guys are fast and sneaky.. In Florida, it was big business to keep them away from all the tourist trap cafes. Up here, there is just enough to keep the parking lots clean.


  4. Splendid shots !!!! Seagulls have natural ROs πŸ˜€ I have never seen them but they do make some thrilling tales as fighters and divers πŸ˜‰


  5. Choppy and I see them in the mornings on our walks – it is great to hear them when it is cold and I really want to be inside. At least it can sound like the beach, even if it doesn’t feel like it!


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