Why My Dogs Can’t Come to the Playdate…

Um, which is which?

They are a match and sound the same! Milo “My-My” to his closest friends, is a neighbor. He has a bit of a breathing condition that causes him to sound just like the toy’s grunting. Milo doesn’t really like other dogs, but loves scratches from long nails. I’m not sure what my boys would think, considering this guy is a dead-ringer for a favorite toy of theirs. I’m sure the would just shake their doggy heads!

Β© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

23 thoughts on “Why My Dogs Can’t Come to the Playdate…

  1. LOL…. Easy has such a small friend too, his name is Whiskey…. I’m always afraid that he could swallow the little dog… and Whiskey makes the same noises you described, specially when he is egg-sided to see Easy :o)


  2. Oh jeepers, I would squish that little fellow with way too much love and affection. He’d likely not last two minutes under my care. I have to wrestle with my hound at least once a day. It’s full body contact.
    Milo is adorable. I bet the sounds he makes would send me into a fit of giggles. squish


  3. My dog has that exact same toy….but it no longer stands up…it also no longer has stuffing. Come to think of it the only thing remaining is the outer shell…but they still play with it! Oh No….I hope that wasn’t a yorkie!!!


    • 😨 I can’t imagine Sugar being a cannibal. . Surely it was this hilarious grunting toy. πŸ˜‰
      My boys destroy these stuffed ones way too quickly. I have to go with those stuffing-less ones. Those will last a month or so. I’m also not a fan of the squeaking, so I perform squeaker surgery removal before giving it to them. It seems to give them less to chew for.

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      • My dog Freckles had a whole toy box of stuffed and unstuffed animals. He carried them around, played and sometimes chewed…..rarely destroyed. When Sugar moved in the whole box of toys was destroyed in a very short period of time….her poop was colorful!!
        Needless to say we now buy nylon bones that can’t be destroyed. Though we have kept a few carcasses like the hedgehog.
        I wish I knew a way to share the photo in the comments so I could show you mr hedgehog


        • My last dog was like Freckles, very gentle with the stuffies… These 2 now are hell bent on making scraps of any toy I give them. I know about colored poop! Those rope knot bones are the funniest for that!
          I’ll have to try a photo in the comments via my computer. . Reading by tablet now. I know it can be done. ..


            • I use the app for everything, cept writing. When I want to answer someone with links, I use laptop. I do know html.. could it be that simple?
              Let’s find out…
              If this doesn’t work, I’ll read the directions 😆

              I’ve just tried 6 different ways, no dice… for the moment!

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