Oh Dear Piggy Heavens Above

This is a hilarious copy is a favorite commercial I see here for a furniture company. I swore I’d reblog if they dare film it. .. here it is Bacon! You little oinker 🐷


My daddy – just saying those two words make me laugh.  Does it make you laugh?  Knowing my daddy – my family for that matter – you know this is going to be something good.  Right?  Well, the other night I caught mom and dad doing something so hilarious in the living room.  See with the new furniture, the chaise is OFF LIMITS to all of us.  But when mom is not at home, we take turns on it.  Don’t tell her okay. Well poor daddy.  He finally got to sit in it the other night.  I heard the noise, so I tip toed on my hooves into the living room, hid in one corner and video taped them two.  Shakes my piggy head now.  Someone help me with those two okay.

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6 thoughts on “Oh Dear Piggy Heavens Above

  1. OMP! Squeals – daddy is famous now. Hilarious! I had such a fun time video taping him. Just don’t let him know I did it okay – snorts and rolls with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon


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