Spring Blooming Flowers 5-7-2015

Happy Thursday!
It’s been a bad weather week with lots of rain. Welp, no rain no flowers, right?!?

Click here for 2013 blooms or 2014 blooms.


Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’ – Chanticleer pear


Ribes uva-crispa – Gooseberry


Glechoma hederacea – Creeping Charlie



Lamium purpureum – red deadnettle, purple deadnettle, purple archangel


More tulipa!


Stylophorum diphyllum – celandine-poppy, wood poppy

Last year, this was the longest blooming flower I own. It bloomed from May until October!


The leaf of this mayapple is full of pollen. Thank goodness I don’t have allergies!


Picea abies – Spruce

© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

27 thoughts on “Spring Blooming Flowers 5-7-2015

  1. Absolutely lovely, Ilex! I had the particular joy of walking our nearly two year old granddaughter under a huge, old cherry tree on
    Monday and shaking the bough. Her delight in the falling blossoms was palpable! Oh, and she also became happily familiar with earthworms that day. Score! Enjoy this lovely season! -Maggie


  2. My car is pretty much yellow these days from the pollen (I, too, am thankful not to have allergies!). But our flowering trees are out in full force around here, so it’s otherwise gorgeous. And I’m headed out morel hunting this weekend, so it really does feel like spring – though I could do with a little less rain!


  3. Got a bunch of those blooming around me too. 🙂 My neighbors have some really pretty tulip varieties…I’d like to steal them, but I won’t. Both my Apple Cocktail & Fruit Cocktail trees are in bloom, it’s really quite fun to see them out in my yard. The apple blossoms are bigger and white like the pear above while the peach/nectarine/apricot/plum are pink.

    As much as Dandelions drive me nuts in my own yard there’s a nearby field FULL of them and it’s really pretty. Everything is so pretty right now I don’t know how to choose, there’s so many little bloomers! I appreciate that you show some of the small guys. 😀


    • I agree. Sometimes a huge field of dandy’s can be quite impressive!
      I love the company Colorblends for tulips. They have some beautiful combos.
      You so need to post some pics of these trees, specially the fruit cocktail tree. How fun is that? 🍑🍊🍈


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