Spring Blooming Flowers 5-14-2015

Thursday is here!

Thursday nights are “Ilex Nights” as my husband goes to play in his pool league. These nights are usually reserved for blogging, sappy movies or GNO (girl’s night out). Tonight will be blogging. Blooms opening up like crazy here!! In all honesty, these ‘Blooming Flower’ (phenology) posts are the easiest to spew out. Name them (very few boggle me now) & link to two years of past info, done. Nature stops for no one!!

Although, I guess I hadn’t though about all the work (and DANGER) I put myself in to gather these photos. Have you ever played ‘dead car’ (hood-up or bonnet to my followers over the pond) to get a photo of a plant from the side of the road? Yup, that was me you honked at and flipped off… πŸ˜‰ Or how about the time I noticed a tick in my ear and a class-full of horticultural students were too freaked out to help remove it. Kids these days are weak!

No worries though. I will continue to throw myself into the way of danger to bring you, my dear followers, these flowering posts, even if it kills me πŸ˜‰

Click here to see last years blooms and/or 2013’s.


Helleborus ~ Lenten Rose – Not sure of flavor


These are my apple blossoms. If you wanted blemish-free apples this year, the time has passed for spraying now.


This is my shade garden now. It is flourishing with life, as in general, shade garden plants do receive some sunlight when deciduous (leafed-trees) are leaf-less. In this instance, my apple trees are the added shade to the area. Here there are very few weeds, however, I do need to take back the aggressive Lamiastrum ‘Herman’s Pride’ ~ Archangel (the yellow flower/variegated foliage) and theΒ Viola blanda ~ Sweet white violet.


Dicentra Spectablis – Bleeding Heart – Hand’s down another favorite of mine.


Uvularia grandiflora – large-flowered bellwort or merrybells


Asarum canadense ~ Canadian Wild Ginger – This is not the type of ginger you spice your cookies with…


I spy with my little eye.. These are very small blooms.


Aquilegia ~ Columbine – Not sure of flavor

Β© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

30 thoughts on “Spring Blooming Flowers 5-14-2015

  1. Dear Ilex, thank you for your commitment to the art of blogging and selflessly bringing the WP community these amazing photos taken at great personal risk. πŸ™‚ Hopefully it doesn’t kill you!
    Seriously, the tick in the ear??? wha –


    • Heehee! 😂:D:mrgreen:
      Yes, Mr. Tick was on the back of my lobe, in between my earrings. I could feel, but not really see. Those bastards fall from the trees and find the first warm spot to dig in. They really suck… reeeeally suck!

      Liked by 1 person

    • The archangel had its pluses. If you have a tough area that needs vegetation to aid with erosion, this is the plant. If you want something to behave, not the plant!
      I’m going to admit a huge boner here. All growing zones are not the same, internationally as I had though. UK zone 7 may not be the same as the US zone 7. I need to compare temp ranges, not numbers. I’ll get back to you on that. ..


  2. are those, for lack of a better word … ‘wild violets’? we transplanted bunches of them and they started peeking their heads up to take a look around about a week ago… ?? we have ilex schilling (sp) down here (the other half of my life is spend living in the jungles of florida in the sub tropical zone) that is used as a hedge … ks

    that green background blows me away … ! where did you find it? ks


    • The violets are pretty wild here. The purple ones turn up in lawns everywhere, the white ones are not as wild sowing.
      Yes, Ilex is a great hedge plant in the south. It takes a beating up here. =-(
      I found the background on the internet somewhere. Glad you dig it!


  3. Lovely photos. I love bleeding heart, but have had very little luck with it over the years. I satisfy my desire for cool looking flowers with fuchsias. And snapdragons, which are obviously entirely different looking but are by far my favorite annual (or sort of annual – I’ve always let them go to seed near the end of the season so I get nice, early snapdragons the next spring with no work on my end!).


    • I call the wild sown seeded annuals volunteers! Fuchsias are pretty cool. Now, I’ve had no luck with those! Haha!
      These bleeding hearts gets about 1 hour of sun @ 6am and that’s it. It gets bigger every year. I do nothing to it. It does die back in about July, but the Arch Angel covers it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m just the opposite! I can grow fuchsias like no one’s business, but kill off all the bleeding hearts.

        And I tend to think of volunteers more like the random petunia that shows up in the yard one year. The snapdragons are more purposeful.


  4. My favorite flower, of those that you have posted, is the columbine. We have two natives that grow in Texas. Years ago I had the two natives and then my helper dug up all the columbine and all my fern. I was sickened when I saw my plants had been destroyed. I have never replanted that area. Too much work and no energy for the job.

    And yes, he still helps me with my animals. Very dependable and honest. He just is not good remembering what I tell him is a good plant and what is a weed.


    • Oooouch!
      Bummer. It’s hard to feel angry when someone is trying to help. My hubby has learned our yards plants, as he doesn’t want to get his head ripped off by me 😨
      Columbine readily seeds pretty easy, maybe a quick rough up of the soil and a packet of seeds wouldn’t be too much work? Ferns are iffy. Mine finally spread after 5 years. However, dogs running on them tend to bust them up a bit.
      Enjoy the weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

    • No, I generally don’t put any annuals in my yard, unless they are in my pots.
      We do install a whole lotta shade annuals in our clients yards tho. Begonia being the heavy hitter here. There was an Impatiens fungus that wiped out a bunch of the stock around here along with staying in the ground, so no more Impatiens.


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