Momma House Finch

We were enjoying a glass of wine on this fine afternoon and noticed mom house finch was busy feeding four little mouths in the left over winter display at the winery. So precious!

image   image

© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

24 thoughts on “Momma House Finch

    • I hear ya! I’ve got cardinals on the side of my home. They are very quiet. However, Mrs. Robin that nested right by my front door was a dive bomber! I thought for sure she’d peck my head, but no contact was made.


  1. That’s fantastic, good eye! I have been using a seed mix without millet as you suggest a month or so ago and sure enough the house sparrows have not been devouring all my seed. I also see more Gold & House finches than I used to though not tons. The one downside to less sparrows is that there are less visitors to the feeders period, makes me wonder if others were encouraged by the sight of tons of sparrows!

    Anywho, nice post thanks for sharing your discovery. 🙂 Baby birds are so precious.


    • I’m only a beginner birder, but I’m pretty observant. I don’t have the same birds at my feeder either right now. Really just yellow and red finches like you. Why? W/O consulting the Web, I think it’s because babies need protein, ie bugs! Mom & Dad are out finding bugs and not stopping at the feeder. Yellow finches are vegetarians and the red do a mix of seed/bugs. This is why they are still around.
      I offered nesting material this year and it has been funny watching them come for it. Some pick a large amount and pull, then get flipped around when it comes loose! Can you say back flip! Ha ha!

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      • That makes sense. I do have some regular red-winged blackbirds that have been visiting since spring and the occasional red-bellied woodpecker, so still some variety but less birds overall even as I have from time to time supplied mealworms. I have neglected the mealworms lately b/c the seed has only just run out after more than a week! We’ll see what happens when I get the mealies back out there. 🙂

        I do remember your post about the nesting material, that was pretty special. I don’t doubt you had fun with that.


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