Public Service Announcement – Where to Go During a Tornado and or Fireworks

Breck really doesn’t like storms. It suffices to say that fireworks are also on the top of the list for finding a safe spot. Although I’m not an ass that would want to monopolize on my dogs phobia, he would be a great spokesperson for where to go when there’s a tornado!!

Here’s where he’s found a new spot to hide. Behind the freezer, under the basement stairs. There’s only about 6″ inches for him to fit through there, but he finds a way.

Β© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

21 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement – Where to Go During a Tornado and or Fireworks

  1. Aw my poor Breck! Sympathies to him 😦 I had a dog who was scared of loud noises and flashes of light, and you feel so helpless to calm them. I am happy that Breck found his “safe place” – pointing out possible places for you to hide during tornadoes. But 6 inches is gonna be a bit of a tight squeeze? – especially when there is already a dog there! πŸ™‚


  2. The dog I grew up with hated fireworks – he would end up in the strangest places trying to hide from them. Choppy, on the other hand, wants to kill all fireworks. If given the chance, she will attack them. Obviously, not safe for her or anyone. I’m not sure which is worse!


  3. The poor dear dogs. Mine get scared too but only the three littlest ones. I don’t have a pure BC anymore but Puppy is BC and Australian shepherd Cross and he has to be near me as do the two little mutts that are each about 16-18 pounds. I let them in my bedroom/. I envy you your basement. Wish they did basements here.


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