Mayflies in July

imageimageThe mayfly is one of the most interesting insect species in the world. It belongs to the Order Ephemeroptera, in Greek meaning “short lived” and “wing”. The timing of its flight doesn’t always correlate with May, actually many more species hatch in July and August. This insect is aquatic with its immature stage lasting about a year where it lives under rocks, near streams or decaying plants. One of the main features that makes the mayfly different from other similar aquatic insects are the pair of gills on the dorsum of the abdomen along with three long cerci or tails at the end if the body. However, what is truly unique, is the fact that it molts to having wings that are under-developed, however strong enough to carry them to land. Then molt again (which is known as alate stage or winged). Thus, this insect has wings twice in its life.

They only live for a few days after their final molt into adulthood. Of course, it’s a helluva party with 158,245,930 of your best friends PLUS the party is an orgy! Everyone earns their mile – high club badge, some more than once… After the deed is done, the female lands on the water and lays her eggs. Many become fish food. I can actually say this wouldn’t be a bad way to go…   😉
Another interesting phenomenon takes place related to this insect is that many mature at the same time, providing a wonderful show seeing them fly and dancing in the air. Sometimes the ‘hatch’ is so large that it can be tracked on radar!

A Mayfly shows up as a spirit guide when…

  • You need strength.
  • You need to be patient.
  • You like to be childish.
  • You are anxious.
  • You want transformation in your life.

This sure rang true for me… Thank you Mayfly spirit guide!!

 These guys were swarming the river.

© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

13 thoughts on “Mayflies in July

  1. Indeed there are millions of these little pesky insect. I’m not real fond of them but they have a niche in the environment and a purpose for something- fish food as you have written so I reckon that is one thing it’s good for.


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