Mulberries and Gooseberries – Sweet and Tart


Mulberries are a fav of mine, for more reasons than one:

They are yummy – taste like blackberries
They are free
Easy to find
I’m doing my part to stop an invasive species, as long as I poop inside. πŸ˜‰ (How do you think birds spread it? )

Gooseberries are not really my bag, very tart and crisp, will make you pucker! 😍  I’ve got 2 shrubs right near my patio that make them convenient to eat. Two mulberries for every goose!  I’ve not made preserves out of them.  Too much going on this time of year.
They are a secondary host species to the White Pine Rust. Many have been removed from the landscape, for the pine’s sake.

Ilex Farrell

© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

20 thoughts on “Mulberries and Gooseberries – Sweet and Tart

  1. I am pathetically ignorant of plants and trees and had to look them up to see which one was which (I would have guessed wrong).

    I had no idea that the white berries we’ve been scraping off our deck and scooping out of our pool is a mulberry! Nor did I know they were edible.
    I do know that if you step on one that has been marinading in the pool for a while, it’s really disgusting.


    • Doh! That has to be yucky to skid on one across the pool deck =-P
      The tree drops them either because they are ripe or, in the case of the white ones, there is an issue for the tree to carry so much fruit and it unloads them early. Maybe you can pick them b/4 they do a cannonball in your pool? πŸ˜‰


  2. Wash the gooseberries, dry with paper towels on a cookie sheet. Place on dry cookie sheet, put gooseberries on the cookie sheet in freezer and when hard has a rock/ marble, bag them up in freezer bags. You’ll have nice fruit for smoothies, pies or jam. I do this with blueberries or any fruit that you can freeze. The fruit will not stick together and look very appealing when removed from the freezer.


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