Monday Memories 8-3-2015

How to Collect, Store and Grow Things From Seed

seed collection pixIt’s an advantage to vegetable gardeners to harvest seeds from plants that did well in their garden. The plant would have grown accustomed to the particulars of the plot, and provided the same DNA to the seeds. Unfortunately, hybrid varieties do not keep their traits; don’t collect these unless one likes surprises.

It is illegal to gather seed in forest preserves, natural areas, or parks. It is legal to gather seed on rights-of-way, which are mostly along public highways. Do not take all of the seeds of a plant, please share with Mother Nature.

Most seeds are easy to find and harvest like peas, peppers, cucumbers, and melons. Others need the help of a blender like eggplant. Chop the fruit, add water, blend for a short time, and allow the pulp to settle. Pour off the pulp, the viable seeds will be at the bottom.

Deer  Resistant Plants

imageMany Midwestern residents deal with the grazing and trampling of their shrubs by Odocoileus virginianus or the white-tailed deer. There are many choices of shrubs that are deer-resistant, but here’s a list of North American natives that will work in Midwest. Remember, when the weather is sever enough, deer will eat anything.

Click HERE for Trees

Click HERE for Shrubs

Click HERE for Perennials


There’s no O in Ohio’s H2O!!


Cuyahoga River Fire Nov. 3, 1952. Courtesy of Cleveland Press Collection at Cleveland State University Library.

I just heard about Ohio’s water supply problems related to Lake Erie’s algae blooms. Seems they can’t get potable water from the lake and have had to resort to bottled water. Many businesses are closed and I’m sure everyone is smelling a bit ripe nowadays.

There are many theories as to how these algae blooms happen, however I’m pretty set on the theory of phosphorous run-off into the lake and lack of wetland restoration projects are the main culprits.

I found this great video to educate anyone interested in learning more about algae blooms (dead zones) and what can be done about it. I also wrote about them here, if you’re interested!




12 thoughts on “Monday Memories 8-3-2015

  1. I hope the water problem can be fixed, that’s scary when you have no water :o( Ive got a lot of small boxes with seeds from my granny once and every year I use one box to see what will grow… even when we had a scary adventure with bee-bums (Impatiens glandulifera)… it was everywhere like a jungle :o(


      • I was a bit confused here so had to resort to google. The white rhino you refer to must be the Northern White rhino, which I see has only 4 left now. There are 20,000 white rhino (Southern I guess) in the wild and 4800 black rhino.

        This is a success story in itself, so maybe the Northern species can be saved also? Even if needing a little new blood from its Southern cousin.

        Hippos are probably best, cos they will attack and kill nasty humans who stroll around their pathways in the marshes at night!


        • Yes. Sorry I was cryptic! I see so many species dropping off the face of this planet. It is so sad. I really would love to see one, however not capable of continent hopping right now. Well, until you hire me as your gardener 😉
          I hope they can get some southern and northern together. 😀

          Liked by 1 person

          • Rhinos are so much more Massive in ‘person’ than you ever imagine from photos or news clips.
            We have a successful cheetah breeding programme in SA, so I think they could get the N Rhino going again – but with a little new blood. Did you know that all existing cheetahs are basically brothers and sisters – very limited gene pool left! Another judgement on us humans 😦
            I will have to save my pennies to hire you as my gardener, the kitty is bare after my UK trip! 🙂


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