Piggy Roast!

Here’s the long, awaited piggy roast photos.  I was a bit busy with being a hostess of the mostest, so photos were not my first priority…



Mmm. My hubby cooks up a wonderful pig.  He toils for hours prepping it the night before.  He shaves it, salts the insides and stuffs garlic in all the nooks. He starts the fires early to get the natural wood coals going. Ironically,  the coal needed to cook it costs more than the pig!
5 bags of coal = $220.
38# pig = $128.


L U C K Y Dogs, huh?!?
They got to lick off the butchering table after all the pig was served. Not like they didn’t get plenty of handouts from the guests.  They have begging down 100%.

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

20 thoughts on “Piggy Roast!

  1. OMG! The memories. I grew up in farm country. Every summer there was a pig roast or two. Even after I had moved away, I would go back every summer for this. Thanks for the memories.



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